You see I awoke one night in the middle of the day.
Saying, “good bye” to a friend who was here to stay.
Said he, as he listened not saying a word.
“I think your right my friend; that sounds absurd”!

We had been back to a place we had never seen.
Remembering our past next week was sort of keen.
What’s up down here as we walked away?
The wind blew behind us on that calm dark day.

Forgotten past we remembered you see right now.
Not uttering a word we cried out, “holy cow”.
Why us, yet alone we wondered about others there.
No one is here today so why do they stare?

We had perfect logic for this common nonsense.
You see our weakness was our only defense.
Staying put we walked away in perfect stride.
Knowing how humbling was our inner pride.

Tonight let’s leave this dream here today.
Confronting a friend who wants to play.
We learned a lot, not knowing a thing.
Don’t be a pawn, when you can be a King!


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2 Responses to Gobbledygook

  1. Dorene says:

    Hi Jaren,

    I met you on the plane today. This is interesting and makes me believe even more that you need to listen to Owl City’s lyrics. Maybe you could write for him. Thanks for the interesting conversation.


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