Daddy, get up; please :)

My church, as a part of our service, has a time where individuals get up to express their faith.  These expressions are often either recent faith promoting experiences or simply validation of heart-felt beliefs.  In our last meeting, my youngest daughter Lindie (who I call “Giver”) was sitting next to me.  She leaned over, looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes (which could melt any fathers heart) and asked that I get up to share my thoughts.  I knew she wanted to hear from me; she kept insisting politely, Daddy it’s your turn.  Time ran out and didn’t allow for me to share that day, however, her request has been on my mind ever since.

I have been thinking of the fathers in the world and how we all have something inside us we want our children to know.  I understand, that as a group we perhaps are not the best at verbalizing– anything.  Maybe our hope is that we live a life where our example will suffice; yet realizing internally we need to do more.  Contemplating these things, I realized too, there are some who may have never shared their feelings to loved ones; leaving them with a great void.  While I admit, I am not entirely guilty of this; I don’t want this remarkable daughter to ever wonder what is in my heart.  So here are a couple of things, some thoughts running through my mind today.  These are thoughts I would want her to know about me.

My favorite color is a rainbow exploding across the sky ensuring promises made; validating something special is waiting at the end of everything beautiful.

My favorite place is anywhere I can witness Mother Nature’s glory, while standing, sharing with loved ones.

The statement, “Two hearts become one…” is a principle I awake every morning grateful for.  My life is what it is because my wife (your mother) has made me who I am.

Love only gets sweeter as you get older.  The more I learn; the more I understand, the greater my compassion.

Patience is a virtue that if mastered, nothing will stop your passionate heart.

I have gained knowledge through life of the existence of our creator.  This deep, inner conviction is both validated and strengthened daily by interaction with nature and my fellow human beings.

Our creator wants us to find joy, providing for us an inner compass which guides us; if we but learn to follow.  The truth we build on confirms there is a plan and that this plan is available to all.

Happiness in life comes as a result of living through painful times as well.  We would never feel or sense how wonderful life can be without experiencing trials along the way.  Life has things presented to us which are beyond our control; happiness is found by not worrying about these things.

If you wronged, it is only human.  Forgiveness comes by seeking mercy while looking the other in the eye.

Dreams are made for us to realize anything is possible.  Never stop dreaming, never stop believing; know you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.

Know that any great achievement required risk.  Be willing to risk, knowing the potential for reward.

My greatest joy is knowing you are happy; my greatest pride is when you have done your best.  The fact you picked me as your Dad makes me the luckiest man on the earth.


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2 Responses to Daddy, get up; please :)

  1. Micah says:

    Good thoughts Jaren. Out of all the things I may say to my kids each day, the 3 words I try to make sure I say are “I love you”. Hopefully that reassures them that regardless of what we may have argued about, disagreed on or knocked heads about, that they are loved, wanted in our family and accepted just the way they are.

  2. Jaren says:

    I know, they know you love them. Keep being you, you have and will continue to make our world a better place my friend! I love you 🙂

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