A seemingly small thing

Do you go to bed knowing there are others who think so much of you that they would give up their life for you?  Can you appreciate that regardless of the day someone is thinking about you?  Are you aware that if it were not for you, others may not be living today?  How would you feel knowing you mean the world to some?

You are truly unique and special to someone, somewhere all the time.  There are some out there, you don’t even know exist, who love you.  Your participation in others lives is necessary and important to their wellbeing.

Perhaps our biggest mistake is not sharing our feelings of admiration to others.  If you feel this way about anyone; let’s not have them wonder, tell them!  Too all my friends out there, I couldn’t do it without you; thanks!


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  1. Pam says:

    Thanks for this message, Jaren. It’s one I need to hear.

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