Editorial used for my book, "The Bracelet"

Nature gives all its creations a guiding force.  Some may call it conscience, others light, several source and perhaps even more spirit.  Whatever it is, this sense is here for each of us.  It is fair, it is honest and it is truth.

Often our life lessons may come from realizing later we should have followed our sense; knowing then, our path may have been a little easier if we had only listened to that still small voice.

There are other times were our message is crystal clear; we know with certainty what our direction is.  I hope each of you know exactly what I am talking about; your heart tells you what you are to do.

I recently have had one of those experiences; my direction is undeniable.  There is a story in me which needs to be shared with the world.  As a result, I have written a book.  With the assistance of many, it will be published in the early fall of 2010.

The title is “The bracelet.”  It is named for the time and place two worlds collided, east/west, ancient/modern, youth/elders, mortality and immortality.

The narrative of this experience is magical.  One of the characters is a wise spiritual leader; who, with the gift of a bracelet blessed a young lady.  He teaches us through her life lessons.  Each of these stories will prove to be invaluable in your life.  The wisdom he delivers comes from the ancient culture participated in during his lifetime.  You will learn his existence reveals to us a critical life lesson.  This will either confirm your beliefs or bring to life new understanding.

The Bracelet is a story about the undaunting courage of a mother.  Mothers have a special connection with their inner light.  When they are on a mission for their children, nothing will stop them.  Road blocks appear; at times seeming insurmountable, yet she perseveres.  The mother learns as you will how she overcame all obstacles.

The Bracelet takes us on an adventure with a family blessed to see another world, witnessing love, compassion, service, sacrifice and growth.  They leave their adventure changed for life.  The lessons they learn will change our world too.  The lessons they leave behind change the lives of those they touched which in turn altered the course of an entire society.  Both these experiences come through in living color in the book.

I can’t deny the path’s which have led me to the publishing of this book.  As a result, I know someone’s life will be permanently changed for the better as a result of reading and internalizing this story.  At first I was hesitant as I had never written anything, now I can’t wait for you to read it!

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