I guess not all cops eat doughnuts?

My youngest daughter asked me and Kim what old people like us do for fun.  My first thought was, “We are not old” then I realized at her age everyone over 16 is old; so I let that comment fade.  Then I thought, “She doesn’t really think (old people) can have fun.”  So I shared with her a story about our last date together.

The other night Kim and I decided to step into a small shop as it looked interesting to us.  We probably were in this store for all of ten minutes at most.  When we came out there was a police officer writing a parking ticket.  I walked up to the officer and said, “We were only in there for a few minutes, there are no other cars anywhere around here and I didn’t have any idea there were meters; give me a break, please.”

This officer (a male) said nothing at all and just proceeded writing the ticket.  I am not one to anger quickly; typically.  This however, for some reason pushed the wrong buttons for me; so I reacted!  “Sir is your mother proud at all that you grew up harassing people out enjoying themselves, who are doing nothing wrong; while there are criminals running around free?”

His stoic attitude remained as he started writing another ticket for a broken windshield.  At this point, my normally calm wife chimed in stating, “You have got to be kidding me; why don’t you go down the street and eat doughnuts like you usually do!”  All this did was make his face turn a bright red.

As he finished the second ticket, putting it under the first one under the wiper blade he commenced with writing a third ticket.  It seemed as though this was going to go on all night.  After a few more choice comments from both Kim and I, with the cop remaining silent; we decided to leave.

This created a lot of interest in this officer as we walked away.  He yelled out to us, “Where are you going?”  Home, we replied.  “Aren’t you going to take your car?”  That is not ours; we saw the Obama bumper sticker and decided to have a little fun.  Have a great night sir.  Presume we will never know what happened with all those tickets.

Guess old people can still have fun (This is just a story I changed from one I read from a friend. Kim would never do that; I may however)


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2 Responses to I guess not all cops eat doughnuts?

  1. Scott says:


    Thanks for taking a bad day and making it better for a moment, allowing me to smile and even laugh. This is what I needed…


  2. Cami says:

    Thanks for the laugh Jaren!! : D

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