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I am excited to announce the time is here for me to officially announce that The Bracelet is ready for print!  As many are aware I have chosen (with valuable input from author friends) to self-publish.  There are a few simple remaining details, yet copies will be available for the Holiday Season.  The book is hardcover, has a deckled edge, the pages are 6”X9”, and it is approximately one inch in thickness.

I will offer to the first 1,000 orders a special pricing of $15.00 per copy (plus shipping and handling) and I will sign each copy.  The books retail for $24.95.  I currently have 500 orders which I will give this pricing to and not count it against the new 1,000 orders.  Many have suggested they will order multiple copies (wanting to share this story with family and friends).  I will honor this pricing for all large orders and not count these numbers against the 1,000 (I want as many as possible to have a chance to participate in our early pricing).

Email your orders to jaren@thebracelet.org please.  What I need from you for now is:

  • Your name
  • Number of copies
  • The name of the person(s) I am signing the book for
  • Your address (I will use the email you send your order from)

Later I will get your credit card number or give you a mailing address for other payment arrangements.  The book will mail by mid December in time to be given as gifts.  Soon there will be a webpage @ thebracelet.org with greater details and online ordering.

Know your support, your interest, and your willingness to engage in faith through buying book from a new author means a lot to me.  From what the critics have suggested, you won’t be let down.

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5 Responses to Order your books now!

  1. I am sure your book will be a success. You are one of the greatest people I have ever met

  2. Alisa Thompson says:

    Jaren, count me in!! I am extremely excited about this new project for you. You have a wonderful gift of inspiration.

  3. Dan Roberts says:

    Jaren….can’t wait to read your new book; I am sure it will be uplifting as you have always been in my life. Send me 2 copies for now, one for Adriane and one for me …I will give her a copy for Christmas.

    So Great to hear form you…have a fabulous Christmas and Thanksgiving Season.


  4. Becky Ririe says:

    Looking forward to it Jaren, please order me 2.

  5. Heather Pappas says:

    How exciting!! You are a man of endless talent and I wouldn’t miss this chance- I would love to order your new book.

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