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As you know we had expected to have books in hand by  today.  A few days ago I was informed by the printer that there was no way for us to get our order filled this year.  I knew many of you had ordered books to be used as Holiday gifts so pushed them as hard as I could; I even offered that if they just gave us part of our order we could get by.  They couldn’t break up the order or fit it in due to high demand this season.

I called a dear friend, Jeff Alexander, owner Alexander’s Print Advantage in Lindon Utah.  He took me in immediately and has allowed us on his printing schedule.  He couldn’t create a hardcover book in time but can do a paperback for us.  I have ordered them; Alexander’s is printing the books as we speak 🙂

Since they are not hardcover, which we all expected; I had him design a unique paperback.  It has folds on the cover just like a hardcover’s dust cover would have as one example.   They are nice and I know we will all enjoy them.

So this first run will be as meaningful as the hardcover, maybe more; I am limiting this edition to 500 copies.  I believe these books will gain in value over the years as they were both first print, and limited edition.  I am numbering them individually; signing them all.

Because these books are different from what you had understood, I am desirous to know who wants these first books as part of their order.  I need to know from you:  1) if you want one, 2) which numbered book you want (numbers 1-45 and 500 are taken, if you want a specific number, give me a few examples so I can try to get you one you want), and 3) how many copies.  I will take your orders only filling requests of those who pre-ordered first.  The cost will remain at $15.

If you pre-ordered and want any of this run, please let me know by the 10th so I can fill other requests which are coming in.  Understand I have never intended to hold anyone to their orders, but I will honor your request by allowing you preference.

Sorry but I need you to send me an email again with your intentions: (How many and ideal numbered books)

The books will be mailed on the 18th or hand delivered to the Wasatch Front orders before Christmas.  Thank you all!


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