Exciting news!!!

On July 17th I will be a featured author in Bookwise Publishings “Blogger Book Party!”  Follow the link to participate in the fun and giveaways.  There will be 50 authors promoting their books over the week.

As a kick off I am sharing with you the values Alice learned from a “Guardian Angel” as told in my book The Bracelet:

Honesty, Generosity, Patience, Virtue, Kindness, Equanimity, Discernment, Wisdom, Courage, Determination

Like this post, comment on it, or like my books website and then send me your email to jaren@thebracelet.org.  I will email you a pdf file of these words designed as a poster that you can print.  Later I will share with you what I will give away to those who order books during the blogger party.

Thank you in advance; enjoy!


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