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If you have come to my blog through the “BookWise Blogger Book Party” WELCOME!!!

To learn more about my book please navigate through my website  Know the story has come from my heart and undeniably inspiration.  I often find myself marveling at the words and messages contained in the writing.  I have been told my book saved the life of a man’s son, inspired to live a better life, has given hope to those in need, encouraged, was entertaining and motivational, that it came at a time nothing else would have helped, and passed along over and over by readers to friends/family they know will benefit.

Please take the time to review the comments from readers in the section titled “Praise” found on my website.

I know there is something within the story that will change your life too.  I talk about the courage of a Mother as she takes care of her children.  The bracelet speaks of life lessons learned in service to fellow human beings.  Then with the gift of a bracelet, and the kindness only a guardian angel could give, the reader will learn ten values with stories about each identifying life principles.

Because BookWise has been so generous to include me in their promotion I will return the favor with a giveaway.  My first publication is sold out with the next round being the first hardcover.  It will sell for $24.95.  All orders taken will be pre-orders with the book due at the end of the summer.

Here is my giveaway:  For the week of the Bloggers Book Party all book orders will be $19.95.

In addition to these prices I will commit to come speak to your book club or group at a mutually beneficial time.  I truly enjoy speaking with groups sharing personal details on the stories origin, and teaching about some of the lessons you will have read about.

There is no need for a credit card or commitment beyond sending me a request.  At the time the books are ready I will contact you for payment.  Here is a link to order: ORDER NOW!


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