Alice, the night her guardian Angel appears…

“Most dreams are a meaningless freeflow of random thoughts and impulses. They are a composite of half-finished conversations, various images seen throughout the day, and the chemical reaction of stomach acids and whatever went down the ol’ pipes during various meals and snack times. Such dreams should be ignored and forgotten.

Some dreams are important, and their meaning can be unearthed by using classic dream interpretation theory. Various parts of a person’s persona are played out symbolically by parents, friends, teachers, and the like. If correctly viewed and not misunderstood by thinking that the people in the dream actually represent themselves, powerful insights into the dreamer’s mind can be gained. Such dreams should be remembered and investigated, perhaps even reexamined from time to time.

And then there is that other class of dream, the one in which reality really does blend with the unseen in an uncanny revelatory experience. Call them mystical, inspirational, or weird, they offer to the dreamer a life-changing experience in which the supernatural and the natural mingle freely for a time. Some people seem to be more open to such experiences, while others seem appointed to have them despite a total lack of spiritual sensitivity. Alice was one of the former, though until now she was largely unaware of her gift. But shortly after midnight, that all changed—even though she never left her bed and her eyes never opened, she was more aware of the experience than anything she had ever encountered before.”


The Bracelet, By Jaren L Davis

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