The bedroom in her eyes…

The stories we have read so far are certainly interesting. Some embarrassing, which is what has brought back a fun memory for me (not so much for my wife however). We were attending the parade seeing as many homes as we could one evening late. Both my wife and I were tired and felt the home we were in would be the last for the day.

We were in the main bedroom which was spectacular as it featured everything you could imagine and more. To my satisfaction my wife had what I will describe as, “the bedroom in her eyes” as sung by Due West in their song, “I get that all the time.”

To this day I am not certain how this happened, but we were walking from the closet toward the bed. We got separated somehow in the crowd as commonly found in the evening while touring the homes. The fellow near us was dressed nearly the same as me with us both having the “almost” same build and look. My wife, gazing at the finishes and not paying attention to people; reached down and gently massaged his behind as she began to utter words…

He quickly turned around and saying, “I will give you five minutes to stop that” knowing she wasn’t cognitive of whom she was soliciting. She melted onto the floor; the rest of us died laughing. Yes, we have other memories as we are regular participants, but this is my favorite. You can bet if we make the post I will be linking to my soulmate in crime. A match certainly can burn twice…

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