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In working with Jaren on local issues I have found he first seeks to understand needs. Then through creative leadership develops plans for mutually beneficial outcomes. His leadership will be a great asset to his district and our state. This is a critical time to engage good people like Jaren.

Councilwoman Beth Holbrook

Jaren and I served as chair and vice chair on a national committee during the last recession. Our charge was to find ways Federal agencies could maintain lending at a critical time for homeowners. Jaren’s in-depth knowledge, experience, and passion for the citizens of our country stood tall. His experience will prove invaluable for Utah as he brings his skills to work in the legislature.

Linda Lee San Diego Realtor

Jaren has perfected the ability to form respectful, win-win relationships with government officials, industry executives and all stakeholders. I have observed first hand, his ability to bring diverse opinions and often hostile points of view to a positive resolution. He is a tireless promoter and protector of Utah State Parks and public lands in general. He possesses a keen insight of how to maintain a sustainable balance of recreation for residents and maintaining Utah’s treasures for future generations. Jaren is in a league of his own, and I hold him in the highest possible esteem.

Irene Hansen, Executive Director, Duchesne County Economic Development

My friend, Jaren Davis, is running for the Utah State Senate. I recommend him to you as someone I know will strive to bring (as Abraham Lincoln said) “the better angels of our nature” to that work. I’ve known Jaren for over 20 years-first as a professional colleague when he was elected President of the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS, and thereafter as a good friend. During his tenure as President, Jaren was dedicated, hardworking and professional in his vision for the organization but also extremely considerate and kind in his treatment of the staff and association members. He brought an honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into the problems and needs of our organization. Jaren was (and is) fair-minded and willing to examine the issues and listen closely to the questions and concerns of all involved. Jaren’s experience and success in business, local, state and national professional associations as well many years working with local and state government have all prepared him for the hard work of the State Senate. But more than that, I also recommend him as a man of character and integrity whom you can trust to represent your values in the Utah State Senate. I urge you to vote for Jaren Davis.

Stephen Frahm

I’d vote for Jaren Davis because he is trustworthy. He will speak the trust and keep his word. Jaren is knowledgeable about the issues facing Utah and the US and is articulate and respectful. I believe he has the wellness of our State in his heart.

Michelle Koch, Broker-owner Koch and Company

Jaren Davis has exhibited exceptional leadership skills with decades of experience crossing multi-faceted industries including real estate sales, development, and management. Jaren has a vision that drives success and knows how to inspire those around him to accomplish great things. When working to develop a plan, Jaren creates processes and implements successful long-term strategies. Jaren is committed to Utah with a keen eye to details and is hard working.

Kellie Little, Vice President of Marketing

When I first met Jaren, we instantly connected. He is a passionate listener and genuinely cares. He has a proven track record of bringing concepts to fruition in business and government. Being an advocate in public office is a natural next step for someone who has given a lifetime of service. In addition to working for 8 years on Utah’s Quality Growth Commission and 8 years on the State Parks Board of which he served as chair of both, he has served on many other local, state and national committees. We need more people like Jaren serving in public office.

Tobi Roberts, Owner City Creek Mortgage

I have had the great pleasure of working with Jaren Davis several times in situations where our interests were on opposite sides. I appreciate so much Jaren’s ability to discuss difficult issues in a way that allows for a compromise that benefits all parties. He is a great respecter of all parties and is always pleasant to work with. Even in contentious situations Jaren is kind, courteous and is will to put in the time and effort to resolve situations. While he works tirelessly on behalf of his clients he is able to see and understand many perspectives and I have confidence in his ability to find solutions.

Nicole Cottle, Community and Economic Development Director

Whenever I think of Jaren, I see his brilliant smile with an intellect to match. He possesses a rare ability to assimilate complex issues very rapidly and form solid, strategic resolutions. I value Jaren’s advice on any topic. We could only be so lucky to have him serving in our state legislature.

Sharon Cook, Vice President Mountain America Credit Union

For seventeen years I worked in the governor’s office as Director of the Utah Quality Growth Commission. During that time, I am proud of the Commission’s crucial role in conserving nearly 110,000 acres of land in Utah through our work with the LeRay McAllister Critical Land Conservation Fund. For eight of those years, Jaren Davis was c commission member. During his tenure, the commission conserved more than 57,000 acres of land. For part of that time, Jaren directed the commission’s conservation efforts as chairman. Not bad for a developer.

In 2001, the Quality Growth Commission adopted a definition of Quality Growth:

“The Utah Quality Growth Commission defines quality growth as creating a responsible balance between the protection of natural resources—land, air, and water—and the requisite development of residential, commercial, and industrial land to accommodate our expanding economy and population.”

This definition describes the natural tension between the desire of all Utahns to preserve our beautiful state, and the important need to provide homes, and businesses where our citizens can live and work. This tension is critical of good policy. A person who sees both sides of an issue and feels themselves pulled in both directions is able to find common ground, and the critical balance that makes good government.

I have seen Jaren in the midst of this tension. I know he understands how to balance the need for conservation and the need to protect private property. During our work on the Quality Growth Commission, we tried hard to strike that delicate balance. Usually, we got it right.

Join me in supporting Jaren Davis for Utah State Senate.

John Bennett

Corner Canyon (1035 acres) is recognized for recreational open space and conscientious preservation of critical land. Its value is recognized beyond our city limits as an example of smart development. This project may have never happened if it weren’t for thoughtful leaders such as Jaren Davis.  He, as a commissioner for Utah’s Quality Growth Commission, saw the impact that could be made, committed funding for the initial capital required, and then energized likeminded groups toward organizing needed planning to accomplish this meaningful undertaking. His work culminated in one of our most treasured assets. As a senator for Utah, Jaren’s energy, passion, experience, and connections will bring opportunities we haven’t even thought of to Utah residents.

Troy Walker, Mayor Draper

I have worked in the hospitality industry for 52 years. Jaren Davis owned and operated Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah while I worked there. He showed great leadership and with an unequaled ability, shared information that gave us as a team understanding and an ability to be successful. Hospitality is totally different operations than most businesses. Leadership in any industry starts from the ability to understand, to plan, and execute the strategy that yields success. Jaren’s knack to grasp a new industry and recommend innovative ideas is unmatched. Together we earned our AAA four-star rating and won several coveted Utah Best of State awards. Watch out Utah, with Jaren as Senator many great things will happen for all of our residents.

Craig Davis

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Salt Lake Home Builders Association Executive Committee with Jaren Davis. Since taking his position in 2014, our association has accomplished more and received greater recognition than in years past, or that I ever felt possible.

For as long as I have served with him, he has been engaged and heartfelt in his intentions for those he has served, and the industry he is so passionate about. He advocates for those things that he loves with relationships that are beyond compare. I believe his connections and life experiences will provide our state significant success as we deal with our growing population.

Kristin Smith, Associate Vice President

It has been my good fortune to know and work with Jaren Davis for more than 12 years. I was first introduced to Jaren when he served on the board of directors of Community Development Corporation of Utah, a non-profit organization that develops and preserves affordable housing throughout the state. In that role, Jaren was a champion for working poor families, individuals with disabilities, refugees, and others with barriers to safe, decent, and affordable housing. Jaren was also instrumental in creating the Community Development Fund of Utah, a non-profit lender focused on affordable mortgages and loans to low-income households. I feel fortunate to have worked with Jaren Davis, and can point to many, many examples of his commitment and contributions to helping individuals and households in need.

Darin Brush

Jaren is a high energy leader who has successfully managed to bring the public and private sectors together for the maximum benefit of our communities. He brings unity to everything that he does and has a track record of exceeding people’s expectations. Because he is so adept at focusing on people and their needs, he is able to push through difficult problems and often garners the support of those with differing viewpoints. He is the right and best choice to lead our future in Utah. His intelligence is built on listening and carefully examining all facts, even those that aren’t so obvious. He is then able to connect the dots that others rarely see in coming up with unexpected solutions. Those who work with him can attest to his uncanny ability to see and deliver results in bringing the best possible outcomes for the benefit of all involved. The Utah Senate needs Jaren Davis and more importantly, we need Jaren Davis!

Ross Holliday, Commissioner

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