People disliked the traveling salesman

These sellers of goods would come into town, say whatever it took to make a sale, and then leave. Fortunately, history provided us with alternatives that taught the lifetime value of trust. Trust is fundamental to our success and where we build confidence in others.

Our politicians need to be held to a high standard as it is they who sit in the seats of authority having been permitted to represent us. The purpose of my post is to shed some light on candidate Brian Zehnder. He is from out of state,  but my intention isn’t to suggest he, like the traveling salesman, is merely coming to our community and then leaving. But to have you with me recognize his peculiar willingness to do whatever it takes to win.  Couple this character flaw with his extreme drive for recognition to see a breed that becomes unacceptable for any candidate in our area.

Perhaps a better analogy would be the Wizard of Oz. Let’s act as if we are Dorthy and her friends seeking to see what is behind “Dr. Z’s” curtain. Who among you have had the opportunity of receiving Brian at your door? Note: He claims to have knocked seventy-five hundred doors personally. A mathematical impossibility as the hours, days, weeks, months, year needed to accomplish this take him back to a time before he was even running. His claim—if we are generous—would take 375 continuous days of knocking our neighborhoods.

If you have answered your door to see him standing there, you will remember a couple of things. First, a truly awkward “Hello I am Dr.Z, where he then quickly moves into your personal space. His quirkiness shocks at first, then quickly exaggerates as he speaks. Your quick mental scan as you step back with him eerily pursuing is, “who is this, what on earth is he wearing scrubs for?” Some have thought of the potential for stains from his workday wondering how he escaped the hospital. Others come to realize it is a costume designed to amplify the fact he is a doctor. Note: he has nothing else to fall back on for experience.

As the conversation progresses, he offers a need for you to ask others in your home to support him. His intrusion again strikes you as uncomfortable, not only because he recites how many voters live in your home, but that the request comes before you have even begun to make a critical assessment.

His deception isn’t just little things like lying to us about what he has done, but that he intentionally waits for signs of what interest you. Brian is said to have suggested, “be generic, tell them what they want to hear.” To prove this, do one of two things. Ask your neighbors who answered the door what he said to them, or have a friend with you send him either an email or make a call with opposing views and questions. You each will get a different answer. Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you support President Trump and ask for his opinion, he will watch for signs or words of your position on the matter. When he learns you are an advocate of our President; magically he is as well! His likeness to you is kind of mystic isn’ it! However, if you say that you don’t support President Trump, he too is frustrated with his leadership. Again, ask a neighbor with a differing view what he said to them.
  • Proposition 2 Medical Marijuana Initiative- If you ask his opinion before he knows where you stand he prods first. If you support, he gives an awkward (only he has mastered odd like this) two thumbs up as if he is on the same page. If you are against the proposition, he too is your guy. No backbone, no conflict, only wanting a vote-selling at any cost.

If you have been kind in your conversation, not giving a clear distinction as to your support; within hours a sign shows up on your lot. Many, thinking they were pranked,  throw them away, others because they are placed on the property line think it to be the neighbors who support. If you didn’t give permission, ask the neighbor if they did! You will both be blown away at the arrogance.

Let’s move from the door for a minute. When Brian solicited delegate votes, he was “the proven conservative,” yet when addressing a moderate crowd, he is the only Republican that breaks ranks with his party. He is right about breaking ranks as Adam Brown a political science professor offered Brian is the only Republican in recent history to vote Democrat. We voters don’t care which one you are Brian! We can make our voting decision on your positions, but not when they continually change.

His standing with Democrats is on bills that don’t get much media attention such as his vote to allow Utahn’s the right to change their sex on their birth certificate. But where he gets caught in his deception is when his political website conflicts with his voting record as in his vote against a resolution on the Antiquities Act.

Some of us have to laugh when he makes promises such as committing to do something to clean our air “now.” Then does nothing about it, except of course bragging that he owns an electric car. So moving the carbon footprint to Salina makes it okay?

We heard in the Kavanaugh hearing where Sen Blumenthal,  with a tainted past, asked, “do you know what falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus means, Brett? It is Latin for, False in one thing, false in everything.” It is striking how this can be applied here. If our candidate for the Senate seat is so willing to bend simple truths to win at any cost; how will he represent us?

Brian Zehnder is a man who within his profession has a marginal reputation. His online ratings are an easy indication, but dig into other places and see that his reputation extends to those within the medical industry and our within political scene. Remember, he is a person his campaign manager called, “odd.” Take time to see who it is that is running. We can do better.

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