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No excuses to let anything stop you!

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Other than seeing the red cape, can we tell who our Heroes are?

Have you wondered what evidence exists allowing proof that an ordinary person is a hero?  Or, have you ever thought whether or not you are a hero yourself?  I think I have found some evidence to suggest a certain leadership … Continue reading

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Nothing can stop the human spirit on fire!

It appeared to be a normal day as I walked into the arena preparing for the show of my life.  This is the day I would ride my pre St George dressage test.  I had ridden these tests over and … Continue reading

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They can’t occupy your heart simultaneously

I stood at the top of the Grand Teton, making my move toward a double rope descent which was to be off a sheer cliff hundreds of feet above the ground.  I am afflicted with acrophobia so the thought of … Continue reading

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She did WHAT?

I participated in a conference where I was entertained by a speaker who used humor to educate.  At the end of his presentation he shared with us a story (in a serious tone) about a woman’s courage.  The tale was … Continue reading

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