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First pitch…

I believe we can tell a lot about someone by simply watching them.  In my observations of President Bush (two) I always felt he was a man of character.  As an example I sensed his sincerity in admiring our military … Continue reading

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Quotes I have posted on Facebook

‎”What can you accomplish in life? Anything you want, all you need do is believe!” ‎”When you touch the heart of another; they will in turn touch the heart of yet another.” “Our purpose may simply be to make a … Continue reading

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Lincoln thought he failed too!

A very good friend of mine who is accomplished, and holds a responsible position, asked me how I perceived him in an important meeting we had attended together.  At first I was taken back knowing this friend is self-assured (in … Continue reading

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Live like you were dyin’

Life moves along quickly, and before long our days are gone that were going to be used to accomplish our dreams.  Hastily we reenergize, again committing ourselves to the fulfillment of becoming who we know we are to be.  Unfortunately, and frequently, we … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare take that away from me!

Kim and I had the fortune of hearing Jim Morris (the baseball player whose life was portrayed in “The Rookie”) speak while attending a leadership conference for the Arizona Association of Realtors.  Jim’s story included much more than reflections on … Continue reading

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Thank you for your innocent example

The other day I was sitting in my office, pacing actually; waiting for positive word from a gentleman on a business transaction I am currently working on. All I knew for sure was a call would come sometime during the … Continue reading

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Yes, I am an addict!

It is my understanding one of the first steps to recovery is admitting addiction.  Well, I am an addict and I have been for about eight years now.  I can’t say the end of my addiction was brought on by … Continue reading

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