Summary on my book ‘The Bracelet’

The Bracelet is a story about the undaunted courage of a mother and her special connection with her inner light, a family’s adventure in a new world, and a gift from a special advisor.

The Callisters were fortunate–they had a nice home, took great vacations, and had four wonderful children. But Karen Callister felt something deep inside her driving her to provide more. Not something material, but an experience–a life-changing experience. And when a mother is on a mission for her children, nothing will stop her!  Road blocks appear, at times seeming insurmountable, yet she perseveres.

So it is that this family is blessed to visit a culture that might as well have come from another world, where they witnessed love, compassion, service, sacrifice, and growth. Their own example alters the lives of those they touch, which in turn alters the course of an entire society.  However, it is also a world with a dark past, one that threatens the Callister girls with kidnap and a life of drug-induced slavery.

Interwoven through the breathtaking adventure is the influence of a wise spiritual leader; who, with the gift of a bracelet, a sacred blessing, and a series of intense but practical lessons changes young Alice’s life forever.

Come join the Callisters in the adventure of a lifetime. The Bracelet might just be the most important book you will read this year. Its ancient wisdom transcends millennia and provides lessons more valuable today than in any other time.

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31 Responses to Summary on my book ‘The Bracelet’

  1. John Gall says:

    Great book Jaren, the stories are very moving!



  2. Craig Hawker says:

    I read around 30 books a year; spiritual, novels, self help, leadership and management style. I found this book to fit into all categories. It was a nice leisure read (the ones I like the most) I didn’t have to sit and concentrate with a dictionary near my side. Good storyline, thought provoking and I walked away after thinking how I could be a better father, and person. Just the way all the great books do for me.

  3. Tamra Simons says:

    For anyone looking for some inspiration and a glimpse of hope you must read “The Bracelet” It’s an easy read and very well written…Thank you for the book Jaren, I loved it!

  4. Inspiring read, 2nd half of the book validates the first half.

  5. Brent Davis says:

    The Bracelet is a very well written, easy to read book with inspiring and uplifting stories of life.
    Jaren has the gift to draw the reader into the story to the very end wanting more.

    Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed and maybe, just maybe be inspired to make a change for the better.

  6. Darin Brush says:

    I received six books for Christmas, and started with yours first–and am I glad I did! I read it through without stopping. It is powerfully inspiring. You should be very pleased with the wonderful story you have woven.

  7. Steve Brown says:

    Recently I was on a long air flight – rather than watch a movie, I started to read “The Bracelet”. It was not only the plane who was transporting me thousands of miles across the country, but it was the read that transported me thousands of miles around the world yet brought me home again inspired and uplifted. That was a great flight — I read a great book.

  8. Max Xiong says:

    The Bracelet was extremely inspiring, and a simple but great read. It will not only make you think about what you can do to help the world, but also notice how a small thing can make a huge difference, similar to what Mother Teresa said ” We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Definitely a story that will change the reader and move them follow the example of the Callisters. The ten values are definitely ones that all people should keep in mind as they move through life. The only problem was a small amount of grammar mistakes. Thanks for the book Jaren!

  9. Chris Larsen says:

    I get concerned when I start a book that others have referred to as ‘inspiring’ or ‘uplifting’, since this usually equates with ‘preachy’ or ‘heavy-handed’, and the worth relies not so much on the message of the text but how closely the reader’s beliefs line up with those of the author. ‘The Bracelet’ succeeds because it avoids placing the reader under an interrogation spotlight and demanding that the reader accept it’s worldview. Rather, Jaren has managed to tell an engaging story about an everyday family and invites you to participate in the experience. He explains what he believes to be the morals through the voice of his Guardian Angel and then allows the reader (along with the little girl) to draw our own conclusions. The best parables allow the reader that discovery experience. Thanks, Jaren, for sharing this story with me.

  10. Jeff Saddler says:

    This is a great read, and a must read if you have little ones who you want to inspire. My 14 year old daughter loved it! The story moves along nicely and touches on so many good feelings. Great reminder of our purpose here on earth, and how one little thing can ripple into so many other things and effect so many others.
    Cant wait for “Alice”. Nice work Jaren.

  11. Patricia Hill Peterson Atkinson says:

    Hi Jaren,
    “The Bracelet”…..A great read!
    I loved it! I will use the message in talks and lessons in my church.

    What a wonderful experience for a family to have embarked upon. The lessons taught will be remembered forever and affect a lot of lives for good. I know it affected my heart and my desires to be a better person.

    Thanks so very much,

    Pat (Cami’s Mom)

  12. Hey Jaren – “How Cool Is That!” You are an author, and a very good author. “The Bracelet” is a true Treasure – filled with your honesty, integrity, and truth. I’ve know you to be a good man, a good husband, a good father…you’ve let your secret to your success shine forth in “The Bracelet”. Rest assured I’ll do my part to share your book with others. It’s simply that important to be read!
    WOW! I sure hope there is more to follow.
    Chris McElroy

  13. Janet Freeland says:

    I was “hooked” by the book’s introduction and reading on, I was not disappointed. What courage and faith it takes for an American couple to take their children on “vacation” to a developing country to be of service. I so appreciated that the story includes how the journey was conceived as well as the journey itself. I found the Callister family’s adventures and experiences in Cambodia to be moving, suspenseful and profound. The structure of the book works well. The Cambodian journey culminates with 9-year-old Alice Callister’s gift of a bracelet from a mysterious monk-like stranger, but the spiritual journey continues years later when 14-year-old Alice is reunited with the stranger who then reveals both his identity and valuable tools for living.

    This book will appeal to all ages, including adolescents and young adults. The story is both inspired and inspiring, and the telling of it is an impressive achievement.

  14. Nick Galieti says:

    I suppose it is almost expected of me to write a review about Jaren’s book based on the simple fact that I was put on the books acknowledgments as being an influence on this story moving towards publication. But after reading the final book it is my pleasure to share my endorsement of the material and principles that are taught in Jaren’s Davis’s book, “The Bracelet.”

    I read the book in a short 8 hours while on a plane ride to Hawaii. What would have otherwise been a long and difficult “red-eye” ended up being a life changing, and in some ways, life affirming, read.

    Every so often we should read books that capture our hearts, minds, and emotions. Motivating ourselves to achieve beyond where we are now and to help others grow and have a better life is as noble a cause as any I know. “The Bracelet” motivates the reader to find value and opportunity in the trials life brings upon all people the of this earth, as well as the value of the service we can all provide to our fellow man. Taking this journey with the Callister Family is a treasured time where the human spirit is awakened and empowered to spend our life making the human experience more meaningful.

    I don’t regret encouraging Jaren in this endeavor. In fact, I am humbled that in some way I feel a part of such a powerful, life enhancing experience – such is “The Bracelet” by Jaren Davis.

  15. Blaine Layton says:

    You have done a masterful job at taking real life situations and blending them into stories that inspire and motivate. It was a surprise that one of the last stories in the book was your adventure climbing the Grand Teton. Here is what I remember the most. We were at the end of Wall Street where we first rope up and start the technical climbing by crossing the exposed Gap. You settled into a small alcove to shelter your self from a little snow flurry passing by while we got the ropes out. You had found a little alcove to shelter yourself from a snow flurry that was passing by. I notice you were shaking and I asked if you were cold. You replied I’m not cold just scared. I thought you were joking and then realizes you were not. It was amazing to me that even though you were very scared, you never once hesitated or gave into your fears and climbed like a seasoned mountaineer. Truly a story of not letting your fears stop you from reaching your goals. You are a courageous and determined individual. You are not one of the writers who just make up feel good stories. You are one who lives them as well. Your readers should know that.

  16. Melanie White says:

    Jaren, What a simply amazing book! Thank you for giving me a copy to take on my trip. I read the book on my flight home from the Dominican Republic and more than once had tears falling down my cheeks. Our trip ended up taking many different turns and twists along the way. Reading your book has validated thoughts that I have been having on changing things in my own life. I am going to pass it along for other family members to read. If more people took the time to “help one another out” this world would be a much better place to live in. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring story with the world. You truly are an angel!

  17. Every once in a while you discover a book that touches your being and reaffirms what you know about truth, hope and goodness in the world.
    You have the ability to bring the reader into each situation and understand clearly what the experience is, the gift it brings and lesson to be learned.
    Like a guidebook for life, the book touches on virtues we all can embrace and share to improve our world.

  18. Jaren is a master of presenting an exciting yet powerful message. He creatively presents a very enjoyable and positive story in this day where we all need to have more hope and courage. Keep it up Jaren!

  19. Chelsea Tracy says:

    From the first page, ‘The Bracelet’ held my attention while inspiring me to look at my world in a new perspective. The journey the characters experience throughout the book helps the readers to draw inferences into their own lives in order to more fully capitalize on the opportunities which are presented to them. As one of life’s great truths, and one of the great truths taught in ‘The Bracelet’, the more we seek to serve those around us in meaningful and uplifting ways, the more we ourselves will be strengthened throughout life.

    ‘The Bracelet’ is a captivating, yet straight-forward read which can be read in less than a day or read in greater detail over a longer period of time. It is a book which I have recommended to others and will continue to do so, especially to those seeking an uplifting, inspirational paradigm shift in life.

  20. “Maintain composure in times of heightened emotion, reacting only when thoughts are calm and clear, Being sensible will open doors for solutions and creativity.”
    Pg. 152 The Bracelet
    I just have to say for me those are hard words to fallow yet probably the wisest words a person can inspire to live by.
    This book is a fabulous addition in my life.
    Donnette Hicks

  21. Lori Matthias says:

    Thanks Jaren for this treasure, The Bracelet. I so enjoyed each and every page. The way you wrote it was so personal and inspiring. The first half of the book was so interesting, and I felt like I knew each person you wrote about. I loved all of the detail about the places you went and the impact the visit had on the Callister family. It was so beautiful to feel how much the Callister’s learned together, and the difference they made in so many people’s lives. The second half of the book knit together everything in such a perfect way. It was wonderful learning such valuable lessons about life in such a reader friendly way. It really was magical. The Bracelet, fed my soul, made me smile, and brightened up my life in so many ways!!!!

  22. Julie Webster says:

    As a child, I remember seeing my Guardian Angel and feeling him pat my head in the middle of the night to calm my fears. Instantly putting me to sleep. I never spoke to him when I had the chance then, so I choose to now, feeling that he is still with me and guiding me all the way.
    Your book Jaren, was uplifting, warm, and spiritual. Not religious. Just spiritual. Something I choose 100%.
    Thank you again for allowing me the priveledge of such enjoyment.

  23. Sharilyn Jussila says:

    The Bracelet is a book every family should read. It’s a great reminder of how one family, in providing service to others, shares a life-enhancing journey that continues to influence them in a positive way. I really enjoyed the concepts, they were explained in an easy way through story telling, and even went as far as to break these values down for others that may not be as familiar with them. Awesome teaching tool for your children as well. It’s nice to be reminded that even as individuals, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us. Great read for all families!

  24. “This inspired true story challenges us all to open ourselves to selfless service. And to open up to the messages from above that are beckoning to us.”

  25. Jeri Richardson says:

    The Bracelet is the most unique book I have read. It taught, energized, comforted, informed, intrigued, blessed and entertained me all at the same time.

    I am so glad that I was surfing the channels the night you were on TV. I don’t usually do that as there are only 2 programs I ever watch on television. You have blessed my life.

    Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom which is found in your book.

  26. Cami Snyder says:

    I got more and more excited each time I read this book. Depending on what is going on in my life determines which part of the book helps me the most. This story takes hold of your heart and has the power to change how you feel. It makes you want to stand a bit taller and take the lead in changing things for the better. I love a book that makes you feel uplifted and I would recommend this book to everyone!! Thank you Jaren for sharing your story, for the smiles it leaves us with and for the hope it inspires!

  27. Brent Bone says:

    it was a beautiful book filled my heart with warmth,
    carry’s an important message delivered in a way that all can benefit from.

  28. Athalee Nielsen says:

    I was given this book as a gift. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed following along with the lessons that Alice was taught. I feel the book needs to be shared because it is a book of hope as well as entertaining.

  29. Sean Snyder~ age 12 says:

    My mom talked so much about this book that I decided to get in on it and I read it for my school book report. I started reading it and kept reading until I finished it a few days later. I really liked it. I really think about what the monk was teaching Alice and I feel good. I also did a power point presentation on it and got an “A”!

  30. Jamie Tate says:

    What a wonderful, magical, fun and inspiring book! It is enchanting and a book that leaves one feeling better and wanting to make a difference. I loved it!!!

  31. Nina Stratford says:


    I haven’t read a book that gave me “good” goose bumps for awhile…It has warmed my heart and filled it with hope again…
    Jaren captures your attention while teaching the valuable life lessons in this compelling account of his story.
    May we all take heed to use this in our daily lives for a better world for all!

    Nina Stratford

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