Chapter Three Finished!!!

Dear friends;

Word of my book is spreading and gaining incredible momentum; for that, I thank you.  It is time for another giveaway.

These are the winners to date of a free signed book:  Adorna Carroll, Ronda Landes, Johanna Palepoi, Micah McAllister, Kim Holmstrom, Nick Galieti, Adam Nash, Cassi Willoughby, Lori Fleming, Neda Talyai, Cami Snyder, Kiera Ethington, Isaiah Kaufusi.  The list will keep growing through the end of editing.

Again post a comment on my blog @, just hit the like button on Facebook, or send me an email to  Each place qualifies for a book.  Odds are greatest on blog.

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3 Responses to Chapter Three Finished!!!

  1. Hello Jaren! Whether I win one or not I will definitely want to get one of your books. I was just thinking about you and how you should meet a great friend of mine who inspires people like you do. You need to go to and see what he is up to. Mike Combs was a REALTOR until he had a near death experience with a heart attack. Anyway, he is flying to all 50 states in 40 flight days which totals 19,400 miles. Sometime in early June he will be landing in Salt Lake as you will see on his map. I would like to talk to you more about this when you get a chance. Thanks again for my water bottle!!!

  2. Roland Bringhurst says:

    really enjoy your quotes that you leave on facebook. Looking forward to your book.

  3. Bonnie Smith says:

    Jaren- How exciting! I am so looking forward to your book… and to seeing you in DC…. Have a wonderful week!

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