Nothing is as great as a woman! (Happy Mother’s Day)

As I sat reflecting on my blessings the other day, I was overcome with emotion as one of the most obvious became the role of women in my life, and how perhaps their dedication is often taken for granted.

My mind raced across memories of my wife, my daughters, my mother, my sister, my grandmothers, my mother-in-law, my aunts, and nearly every positive encounter I have enjoyed in the presence of a woman.

My heart was filled with gratitude, knowing the peace and comfort I find comes from a foundation of knowing, “I will always be able to count on the heart of women.” You see the natural instinct found in the soul of a woman is one where she can instantly sacrifice her needs for that of another.

Reflect with me if you will on the times in your life when you were uplifted, loved, complemented, believed in, saved from disaster, or simply acknowledged through a tender mercy that only a woman can give. As with me, I know you will find these thoughts to be self-sustaining. They are times where your life’s course was positively changed.

Here are a few of the reasons I feel the role of women is so extraordinary and rare. Understand these observations are my attempt to describe how I felt while being taken away in a spirit of love. It was a time I became aware of how blessed my life has become through the compassion of my female counterparts.

  • The role of childbirth closely mirrors the duty of our Creator in providing life. As a result I maintain that a woman speaks naturally to Spirit. That same Spirit then communicates back to the heart of a woman quickly, innocently, and as needed. This is done in direct relation to what is needed for her to help another. 
  • Our Creator knew that for life to be sustained, the role of nurturer would need to be available at any given time. Those who could be counted on for this responsibility were women. The woman’s soul maintains complete capacity to give in every circumstance presented. Her charity towards others is so deeply embedded in her soul that she can give beyond personal ability and does so willingly. A woman will sacrifice all she has for the life of another. 
  • A woman touches the lives of all whom she contacts by understanding the law of abundance. This law suggests the more you willingly give the more you receive, and the more you receive the more you have to give. Her heart looks into the soul of another to find the needs of that individual. When discovered, she will give, teach, and provide to those who want. 
  • The instinct of a woman is to hold her family close. This suggests that a woman constantly has the wishes, desires, and needs of others on her mind. She will observe, seeking out the appropriate time and place she can assist. Her heart moves her into action, providing needed guidance and assurance at the relevant time. 
  • She has a light within which reflects on others. By looking into the eyes of a woman you can see into her soul and witness this light which becomes a beacon in times of darkness. Her simple touch radiates love, filling the gaps found in anyone who is in need of her tender mercy. 
  • Her faith is strong and unwavering. A woman is a teacher of truth and will defend what is right to the end. Her ability to lead, teach, and then help develop those she loves is built on a solid foundation and is never ending. She is creative and responsible for envisioning the greatest potential of all.
  • She alone can heal a broken heart, know what is best, extend mercy endlessly, and leave traces of charity on everything she touches. I believe it is a woman who knows what our Creator would have her do.

With all this, what is it a woman expects from all she gives? Nothing, not a thing! In fact, I too believe as a woman retires in preparation for a nights rest, she weeps inside as she prays, hoping that she was able to assist all who were in need; asking only for assurance she had done her part.

As I finished my reflection, finding myself weeping with gratitude, I thanked my Creator for all the women in my life. I appreciate a little deeper the sacrifices of my mother as I witness my wife give her all to our children. I realize there are life’s yet to come who will benefit from these same gifts which my three daughters naturally possess.

While I can’t thank all the women who have played a role in my life, I acknowledge that I would be nothing without the experiences I have had witnessing a woman’s love. Our world is a better place because of all of you!


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