Life after death…

If you are anything like me, occasionally you find yourself overtaken by emotion; the type of feeling that enables life altering change.  Some may define this as a spiritual experience, others Devine intervention, and perhaps even some an awakening.  No matter what you call it; I am sure it is nearly the same for each of us.

Recently, I experienced something I will never forget and feel compelled to share.  Yes, it may be similar to other stories I have shared, yet this one in particular seemed to rock my soul significantly more than times before.

It was on a normal day as days go.  I was minding my own business sitting quietly alone, when what seemed to be out of nowhere, a dear friend approached me with news of ill health and fear.  I sat listening intently, reminded in my heart that I had just been through a similar experience with a loved one.  Emotion began to build as I learned of the specifics and witnessed the fear in their unknown.

I did my best to listen and understand while providing offers of assistance wherever I felt I may be able to help.  Then, just as my friend parted, my heart was overtaken with emotion as I found myself reminiscing over my recent losses of loved ones.  I remembered it was the second anniversary of the death of my brother-in-law, it had only been a few weeks since the loss of my-father-in-law, a dear friend had just passed, and my heart began filling with memories of my father who had passed nine years earlier.

Anxious at first, I was overcome by what I will describe as overwhelming comfort, comfort that these dear souls who are no longer apart of our mortality are at peace.  Now feeling calm, I can only suggest that I was immersed into a complete sense of tranquility.  Not a usual feeling at all; one of utter, unabridged, soul satisfying, and deeply penetrating serenity.  It truly was as if I had left my body, entered a different realm, and felt an awakening more intense than I had felt before.  I was utterly and completely content.  Honestly, I cannot even begin to tell you how this felt; it was truly amazing!

As I looked upon those around me in the room, all I could feel was their goodness.  Many were strangers, and yet they seemed oddly familiar.  Bewildered, I looked upon each person quietly, and as I did, I could sense the beauty surrounding them; emanating gloriously from deep within their soul.  What may have been normally overlooked was as-bright-as-the-noon-day-sun.  I sensed their uniqueness and how their own special character added to the elegance of life.  It was as if pieces of a puzzle were all falling into place and life made sense.

As I was enjoying these feelings, I suddenly felt as if a window to 986249-bigthumbnailHeaven was opening; allowing me to glimpse in.  I was comforted with what I think was meant to be what loved ones encounter as they enter the other side.  All I can say is that these feelings were dramatic and comforting.  I sat knowing deep inside that what I felt was just a portion of the glory that must surround these precious souls every day in their new state of being.  Do you remember the feeling you get as you are immersed in the warmth of the sun, particularly after coming out of a cold dark place?  Think of those feelings on steroids…

My comfort included knowledge that these precious souls now are in a much better place.  That they too see clearly the good in others and that for them life is straightforward; no longer a complicated puzzle needing to be figured out.  Everyone was surrounded by glory, there was no desire for verbal communication as feelings surpassed need.  There was a natural willingness to serve others completely.

As I seemed to be taken back into my normal existence, the intensity of the moment remained.  I knew with a certainty that what is painful for us in mortality is a joyous embarkment into new life for our loved ones.  I was comforted beyond words, knowing that what I had felt needed to be shared…


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  1. Jan Evett says:

    Jaren, this is a beautiful and exceptional experience you have shared. I found it encouraging and comforting. I’ve been a widow for several years now (we were in our 40s when my husband died) and in the past few years I have begun leading grief support groups and just finished a masters in biblical counseling. Mostly I am involved in grief counseling. That’s why this post has impressed me so much. A few months before my mother died, I had a similar “dream-like” experience where I saw her in a room with several other women who I instinctively knew were related to me. I think we miss God’s kindness and compassion when he allows us to have this kind of “vision” into the eternal spiritual realm. I could not tell from your post what you believe about God, heaven and eternal life, but I can tell you that what you described is very much what I believe to be true. Thanks for sharing and keep writing!

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