Life’s purpose

Yesterday’s series of events painted a vivid mural of life’s varied episodes. It began with the transient warmth of social media affirmations, small flickers of recognition that momentarily touch our spirits. Then came an unexpected accolade from Delta, a corporate nod that infused a hint of personal triumph into an ordinary day.

Yet, amidst these occurrences, two instances stood out with profound clarity, casting a deeper shadow over the day’s more superficial joys. Kelvin’s stealthy purchase of my book emerged as an unspoken but powerful validation of my work, a silent nod of faith and support. But it was Lindie’s candid outpouring of heartfelt sentiments that truly marked the day with significance. Her words were not just heard; they were felt, carrying the weight of authenticity and raw emotion. They were a catalyst, not only affirming my purpose but altering my perception of achievement.

As I awoke this morning, these memories were the first to greet me, presenting a hierarchy of life’s offerings. In the quiet introspection of dawn, it became evident that while life decorates itself with many small joys, its richest textures are woven through the threads of our relationships. Lindie’s courageous expression of her feelings served as a profound reminder of this truth. Her sincerity and the immediacy of her response were life-affirming, a testament to the power of genuine connection.

Her wisdom and bravery in sharing such a personal revelation not only honored me with a sense of purpose but also underscored the transformative power of open-hearted dialogue. Lindie’s words did not just contribute to the mosaic of my experiences; they reshaped it, giving me a certainty that transcends the ordinary and propels one towards greatness.

This moment with Lindie has crystallized into a beacon of inspiration, urging us to embrace the vulnerability of sharing our truth. In her example lies a profound lesson: that our spoken feelings can ignite the kind of change within another that ripples outwards, engendering faith and courage in others to do the same. We should all be so bold, so daring in our honesty, for it is this caliber of exchange that forges our legacies and etches our existence into the hearts of those we touch. Let us then move forward with the wisdom that our most sincere expressions are the ones that hold the power to transform lives.


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