True friends come from relationships of giving; friendships are the root of happiness.

Please sit back for a moment and think of the things you are grateful for in your life. Imagine the times when you realized exactly what it is that makes you tick, the stuff you live for. Some thoughts may have come at a time when you lost a loved one; others, in a near-death experience; some, with illness and maybe even just deep sincere contemplation. Each of these times of reflection has placed in order for you what is important in your life.

I will suggest no one, not a single person, holds possessions, position, or power dear to them while in this state of understanding. For me, as I watched my sister-in-law fight cancer, eventually losing her battle as a young mother, or as I watched my neighbors as their son passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot at a very young age, or when I agonized as my friend’s son was lost for many days in the mountains of Utah, I began to realize what is most important: giving of oneself in every way possible.

You see, we all know we do not take anything from this world but our soul, understanding, and memories. So why not use some of our perceptions from these times of appreciation and live a better life? We have learned from many wise individuals in various ways that giving is better than receiving. What is the deeper meaning of this principle, and do we naturally follow it as humans?

We live in a world with a strong sense of an opposing view, where many take more than they give. The attitude is selfish and designed to make one feel fulfilled for a moment but not satisfied internally. Collections of possessions, titles of power, and name tags of achievement when lost give awareness of what is valued. Have you ever watched politicians lose a gaggle of friends when they were out of office; or wealthy individuals who think it is they who are loved, yet when the possessions are gone, no one is there to visit or the leader of a company who is favored until the office holder is gone and he now stands alone? Of course, these examples are not always the case as there are wonderful people with power and influence who have learned the law of abundance, yet these examples of abuse are easiest to expose. True friends come from relationships of giving; friendships are the root of happiness.

The world would teach you that it is crazy talk to think that in order for one to have abundance, one needs to give. The world instructs ways to receive by hoarding all that is gained, asking for things, favors, or advice with a handout every time help is offered. These types of dealings lead to fewer and fewer true friends and opportunities.

Try giving at every turn to live a rich life of self-satisfaction, loyal friends, great wisdom, and countless opportunities. Offer to help with no expectation of receiving. Share your wisdom, your talents, and your possessions. Be in a state where your thoughts are directed toward helping those you come in contact with. Have as a natural mindset the thought you will never run out of worth by giving totally and completely.

Put your legs and arms in, strap on your seat belt, and hold on as you now will be on the ride of your life. New worlds are going to open for you; all of your friends will be your friends for life and on into eternity as they will stand by you through thick and thin. When you are up, you will lift them; when you are down, they will elevate you. When they are in need, you will give to them; when you are in want, they will provide for you. When they need love and advice, you will provide it for them; and when you necessitate, they will console you.

The law of abundance really is quite simple: The more you give, the more you will receive. What you collect will include worldly things along the way; this is a natural default to the law. Abundance may require possessions and position, allowing you greater access to giving. The fun thing is that you will not even notice what you have or are obtaining, as it does not matter. Your inner soul will only rejoice and be satisfied knowing your talents are shared with others. You will be a natural draw to others as your light or influence will speak to their soul. Strangers will feel your sincerity and wonder what their attraction is to you.

Try it! I guarantee it works. Treat giving like exercising, where you do a little more daily. Your sharing muscle, likewise, will grow each day. There may be times that are better than others. Times you will be tested. But never give up; just keep on giving.


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