We need nothing more than our birthday suits.

We all came into this wonderful world wearing nothing but our birthday suits, naked. We were not only thrust into a new world but came longing for the comfort of our mother’s love. Love quickly took us from a state of fear to the reassurance and safety within the arms of our mother’s warmth, tenderness, and sense of security.

While going through life, love is exhibited and validated by endless sacrifices and understanding. We long for this love internally, and we find great peace within its confines. We are expected to go into the world on our own and display this love to others we come in contact with. Along the way, we find soul mates and others we bond with in many different relationships. We have spouses, significant others, children, relatives, lifelong friends, workmates, fellow citizens, and even mere acquaintances. Each validates an inner need for the love of companions, friends, and strangers.

Life then gets a little interesting; we sometimes get distracted by things that really don’t matter as much: possessions, position, and personalities. We are distracted from our inner desires to share kindness, hope, and charity with each other. Often we find ourselves more interested in success than assuring one in need. We may overlook what really brings the content to the soul by moving with the flow in a hurry for things of the world.

When we have lived the life we were brought here for, we are faced with leaving this earth the way we came into the world, wearing the same birthday suit, naked. Those distracted by seemingly gratifying possessions, positions, and personalities learn that these are all left behind. Those who remembered the sacred affection first exhibited by a loving mother and the true happiness one receives by possessing it never leave naked but with a love that extends into eternity. No gift is greater, no rank is higher, and no feelings are more significant.

Yes, today, we are all feeling the frustration of a turning economy and are either dealing with it personally or know someone who is adversely affected. If we concentrate on what was lost, we are not remembering the naked truth. This is an occasion when we need to revert to a time we all experienced coming into the world naked and the comfort of unfailing love. Not all or even a portion of what our lives have or will be, is lost with the love of our fellow beings. Now is a time first to rebuild our love for each other and comfort those who may be in despair. Then together, we can rebuild what material things may be missing from our lives.

I need all of you, whom I have called companions, children, parents, relatives, friends, and strangers, to know I love you and am interested in helping you through these times. Publicly I thank my loving wife for being so incredible during these times. I thank my family and those on this site who I call friends. I thank a mother who introduced me to love and true happiness when I came to the world naked. May God bless you all.


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2 Responses to We need nothing more than our birthday suits.

  1. Katherine Hawkins says:

    I spent the last hour reading your entries. I won’t take time to respond with all my thoughts but must leave the most pressing one regarding “Naked” which I read last. It brought back the recent memory of caring for my father the last months of his life. I recalled sitting next to his bed as he breathed his last breaths. Earlier that day I had washed and oiled his naked body and then dressed him for a blessing from his mission president. I counted the spaces between each breath as they grew farther and farther apart. When he exhaled for the last time I pressed my cheek next to his with the intent to say good-bye. But I was stunned by the feelings that entered my mind and my heart. Along with the quiet peace that filled the room there was a distinctly different feeling then I the ones I had expected — it was exhiliration! I felt my dad’s excitement, his joy and his relief. I heard, sensed, felt the shouts of the welcome back committee and the congratulations he received for a life well lived. My dad’s years could be characterized by bank accounts that were low, accomplishments that were private, and associations that were mostly close to home. Through out his life he had constantly felt like he hadn’t succeeded. He had never had much of possessions or position or personality to boast of — he occasionally spoke of himself as a “failure who hadn’t amounted to much.” But at that moment – when he took his first “naked” step through the veil — I experienced it as if I was there — I knew in a way I can’t explain that dad was as delighted as he could be to find out that he had done it right! He had loved and lived and loved and lived and loved some more – and it was clear that it was enough.
    Thank you for your words of truth and tenderly recalling the ideas that matter most.
    katherine hawkins

  2. Jaren says:

    Katherine your response is exactly the reason I have any interest in writing, thx!

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