Built on a firm foundation

In life, we have those we hold in high esteem, often hoping to acquire some of their character traits that would benefit our lives.  These examples others provide are needed; they give us a target in life to shoot for.  We realize there are no limits to what we can accomplish by observing others’ successes.  On a slightly larger scale, there are teams or groups of people who set examples as well.  They show that realizing goals or achieving what was thought impossible is possible.  Perhaps on the largest scale, countries lead out, giving hope to the world and evidencing that the pursuit of happiness is a reality.  I am a proud American; I feel blessed to be part of a diverse collection of citizens who want for a better world, who are setting an example.

Our country was founded with unique circumstances which have allowed us to flourish.  At the time our original citizens began settling, they came not for the riches which lay under our soil but for the opportunity for a better life.  They came knowing they could own their own land, lending to what today is our independence.  We built a civilization of entrepreneurs who knew it was okay to create autonomy from the government.  The attitude of the early settlers gave life to our optimism as we realized dreams will become our reality.

Those who settled in America brought with them a diversity of thought.  People of faith wanted to be independent of oppressive European religious structures and practices.  They sought protection from the Tyranny feared in organized religion, not to be separated from their God.   A society of individual liberty was their goal.  The significance of religious opportunities had nothing to do with the churches, faiths, or religions.  For them, recognition of varied cultures and beliefs and validation through acceptance of diversity led to our truly exceptional government.  Our cultural mixture, then and now, gives us power as people, freeing us from oppressive leadership styles.

Early settlers had a deep inner moral compass, which has proven to assist us today in major decisions such as providing for the less fortunate at home and throughout the world.  Our charitable attitude enables the private sector an opportunity to solve community issues.

Family units were important to early settlers as all members were needed in an agrarian society to sustain livelihood.  We live a different lifestyle today, yet family fulfills the same purpose as it did then, with less obvious physical needs.

Clearly, our right to own private property has proven to be a fulfillment of the “pursuit of happiness” and protection from dominion by other countries or peoples.  Homeownership in America gives its residents wealth unequaled in other countries throughout the world.  A home builds community, lowers crime, promotes education, and allows for consumer confidence.

Our ability to operate a business in a free market encourages high production, creates better goods/services, and promotes private-sector solutions to societal wants, needs, and desires.

My hope is that we realize what made us who we are today and that it could be lost if we lose sight of some basic fundamentals.  Our diversity is a strength; coming to a consensus is not having everything our way but recognizing the value of the opinion.  Everyone is sincere in their feelings, and as we talk through issues with an open mind, we find common ground and respect for each other.  Together we are better, stronger, and smarter; apart, we divide, fall, and are unable to grow.

Our strength is in our people; diverse, self-reliant, moral, charitable, hard-working, intelligent, and family-oriented individuals.  We don’t need the government to suggest what is good for us.  In America, we have a self-reliant citizenry who acts with personal responsibility.  This personal accountability in individuals maintains our limited government.  Government is needed to ensure our freedom to pursue individual goals but not mandate our every move.  If we move toward a government that believes it can guarantee our problems will be solved by its wisdom, we have lost why we came to the greatness we enjoy.  Power is in the people; our unique ability to solve problems without intervention from a small group of elected individuals is invaluable.  Our ability to elect new representatives guarantees supremacy for the people.

I thank the courageous pilgrims who gave us the foundation our great country is built on.  I appreciate those who founded our government with divine intervention, creating a system run “by the people for the people.”  I acknowledge our need to be active in sustaining the system given to us by our forefathers, allowing our voices to be heard.  I pray those we have elected will see that we can find solutions in our free market.  Let them be wise enough to allow us the right to find answers to needs without their mandating, oppressing, or overseeing us.  Never let them believe they can protect us from ourselves.  We must always keep before us the high standard established as the first thought of the constitution, “We the people.”  Our success as a nation will provide opportunity and compassion for all.


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  1. The people are the powerful. We find ourselves in a moment in history that feels like a change in the tides; the sands of tyranny that built up the prison that is the War on Terror are sifting from its foundation. The destruction of indiviudals’ family-life privacy, invasion by illegal war-time-justified government surveillence (financial, web-watching, electronic, etc); an environment of fear-mongering.
    The more free a group is, the more moral it capable of being. Despite the fact that individuals might not select moral decisions if provided self-agency and personal freedom, it is still true that slavery results in zero morality. Freedom is Godly; Statism is Satan Worship.

    As our resident overlords found their Hyde,
    the sheeple find the state as their bride.

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