Free Books!!!

My writing anything was initially 100% relief from the stress of the economy.  Writing developed into what I called “My book.”  As I was nearing completion, family members would read parts and enjoy the content.  My thoughts took me to believing it could develop into something enjoyed by more than my immediate family.  As word got out and some of you read pieces, you encouraged me to do more with it, so I have.

I began sharing chapters with friends and asking their opinions.  Nick Galieti, a friend who had written a book himself, suggested strongly that I had something with what I had written.  He is the one who gave me the push over the fence by introducing me to his editor, Dan Hogan.  Dan too felt there was a story needing to be shared with the world.

Not wanting to waste Dan’s time and to gain true perspective from others outside my circle of friends, I pushed it out further.  Now having a viewpoint from a variety of individuals, I have elected to move ahead.  Dan is in editing mode and moving forward.  We have completed the introduction and the first three chapters.  At this pace we will be in print this fall.

Thank you:  To those of you who have helped thus far, I am giving you a book.  Adorna Carroll was the first person to publish as a link on facebook something about my book.  Ronda Landes was the first to post on my blog.  Johanna Palepoi was the first person to place a link to my blog on her website.  Micah McAllister, you were the first to subscribe to my blog.  Kim Holmstrom, you were the first outside my family to suggest the book had value.  Nick Galieti, it would have never happened without you.  Adorna, Ronda, Johanna, Micah, Kim, and Nick, for these gestures, I will hand deliver and sign a book as a gift to each of you.

Contest: For every chapter we finish, I will give someone a book.  Right now I owe four books, one for the introduction and three for the finished chapters.  I randomly selected from those who posted on “My first look @ book.”  Adam Nash is the winner of this book.

From this point on, whenever we finish a chapter, I will post on my blog a notice: Chapter One Finished, Chapter Two Finished, etc.  There are currently twenty-two chapters, plus or minus.  When I create the post, go to my site and make a comment.  I will wait for twenty-four hours and then gather the names (if you subscribe by email you will be alerted to the posting).  With the names generated I will use an excel spreadsheet (I am a finance nerd) to randomize the list.  The person on top of the randomized list wins the book.  If you are the only one to post, you win.  If no one posts, I will give that book to a library or charity.  At the end of the book, I will then pick from the winners a grand winner (again randomly selected).  For this person, I will travel to their home (regardless of where it is) and speak about the book in person.  This can be one on one, to a book club, a church group, or any gathering they want.

Getting word out:  I will give a book to every person who creates a link to my blog from their website. This will move traffic and help me get the word out.

Ordering books: There are many who have asked about ordering books.  These inquires have come from all over the country and as far away as Australia, Germany and Africa.  If you want a book personally or books for a group, just send me an email to  All I need for now is your name and email.  Giving me your home town would be fun–we can then see where you live to get an idea of how word is spreading.  On each of these orders, I will sign each book before it is delivered.  Later I will think of some give away or special pricing to those who order before we know details on dates or value.

Know how exciting it is to be able to share something which is meaningful to me.  My joy will come from hearing the words made a difference to someone.

Subscribe, wait, watch, and we will have some fun.  Thank you!!!


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7 Responses to Free Books!!!

  1. Micah says:

    Sounds exciting! Thanks for your generosity.

  2. Hi Uncle Jaren!
    How exciting that you’re going forward with your book! I read your post on it back in March and was really intrigued! Can’t wait to read the whole thing! 🙂

  3. Tammy Lund says:


    Byron started a similar project which recently became his autobiography, and we printed enough copies for all the relatives. It was a great gift for family and friends last holiday season. I am definitely enjoying your posts on Facebook. Keep it up.

  4. Nick Galieti says:

    I am honored Jaren. I look forward to the book coming out in the fall!

  5. Jaren,

    As your partner in a business that is full of passion. I believe that your artistic expression towards writing a book just isn’t going to satisfy your passion or our thirst to read your work! I would like to request that you get your cute little fingers onto the next book! There needs to be two or even three books in the future!

  6. Rick Davis says:


    awesome, glad you decided to forge ahead!!! Can’t wait to see it’s completion and hope that it really takes off! Just so you are forewarned – expect merciless teasing about your “cute little fingers” from here on out! I never really thought about them, but they are sorta cute….

  7. Lisa Lawson says:

    Good for you. Wish you all the successes that you are after, now give me my book. LOL No really, I have read a lot of your random comments, and they are nice. Thank you for your offer. Can I just have one without having to compete with anyone?

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