It is not by chance America was founded

It is not by chance America was founded by individuals seeking freedom.

During the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese built the Forbidden City, one of the wonders of the world.  They had 3,500 ships; this naval fleet was ten times larger than any other country.  They could have discovered and inhabited any land, including America but changed course remaining homeward bound.

Christopher Columbus, who was self-taught, almost died, yet never gave up.  Nearing mutiny, Columbus convinced his crew to stay on the voyage one more day.  At midnight while sleeping in his cabin, he heard a knock on his door.  He thought, “They have come to kill me,” thinking the crew would throw him overboard.  The knock came again; he opened the door to find a crew member standing with a tree branch he found in the water, suggesting land was nearby.

The Jamestown settlers were starved and dying.  After giving up, they sailed at the exact time required to bump into their rescuers.  This was under the cover of fog in a large bay headed to the open ocean.  What if they missed their supply ships coming into the harbor?  These people believed in self-government and capitalism.

Surrounded by 20,000 British soldiers, George Washington was to meet certain death when a storm held the enemy at bay for the night.  A summer fog allowed them to escape the next morning under cover.  What if they had been killed?

The Constitution was crafted at the perfect time.  For example, the French revolution could have divided the founding fathers if it had been drafted just one year later.  This 4,400-word document has survived 220-plus years.

Abraham Lincoln never gave up; if he had, our divided country would have never united, equality would have been denied, and the constitution would have failed.  Freedom would have halted across the world.

Those who came to America did so not to strip the land of its natural resources but because the land was free and the settlers wanted to start their own businesses.


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  1. Steve motzkus says:

    Great stuff Jaren. I wish everyone felt passionately about the miracle we call the constitution.

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