Your light will never burn out

Have you ever watched the Olympic torch relay?  Anciently, the Greeks believed the fire was stolen from the God Zeus by Prometheus; and kept burning throughout the games.  The Olympic torch is ignited before the games in a ceremony.  In this ritual, eleven women, who represent Vestal Virgins, direct the light of the sun through a parabolic mirror to light the flame.  This flame is then kept ignited until the end of the games.

If you have ever watched this relay in person or on TV, you have noticed they are careful not to lose the flame.  After the flame is passed from one torch to the next, the torch bearer of the originating torch can extinguish the flame.  This process maintains the original flame, the one generated by the Greek sun, constantly.

Our lives are much like the flame.  The next time you watch this relay, the flame passed from one torch to another loses nothing in regenerating the new flame.  It is possible that each flame could remain ignited; as long as it had fuel to burn.  You can try this at home.  Light a candle; use it to light another, then another, etc.  Your original candle will light as many new candles as you want. It will never lose its light.

You have light within you.  You can give light to others for as long as it burns inside you.  It will never diminish or burn out from giving.  In fact, you may learn that as light is given, more light is generated, allowing for a brighter existence for all.  If, for some reason, your light is blown out, those you have ignited around you will be there to reignite your flame.

Give, knowing nothing is lost, only to find comfort in knowing your light will never burn out.


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