Keep going; you are almost there!

Have you ever wondered if you could make it another day?  Harriet Beecher Stowe once said, “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”  Today, we are perhaps recovering from what has been a long painful improvement to an economy we thought would have strengthened by now.  Many of us have fought the long fight and feel today would be filled with peace and comfort.  If this has been a test of our wills, an experiment of fortitude, or a check on our endurance, let me remind you too—NEVER GIVE UP!!!

A friend of mine grew up in a normal family with parents and siblings.  This friend is the oldest child and has only sisters.  While in her teens, she was faced with what for all of us would have been devastation beyond our understanding; she lost both parents!  The children, being in their youth and without means, were confronted by the state scheduling their deployment into foster homes.  My oldest friend felt this would destroy what remained of this amazing family and filed for parental guardianship.  This feat was met with endless opposition.  The state wouldn’t buy off on the idea that these youth could survive alone, together.  Miraculously they did, and while their house may have been nothing more than a trailer, it was home.

Keeping the family together was a feat beyond our understanding, agreed, and only the beginning of what would prove to be tests of courage and tenacity for these young ladies.  There were times I am sure she wanted to quit, but she didn’t, teaching her a great life lesson to be used throughout her life.

Today she serves as president of a large organization.  This last week she proved again how successful people push through.  My friend needed a hip replacement just prior to the time there was an annually scheduled meeting.  As president, she is required to conduct these meetings.   Yes, arrangements could have been made to excuse her, but she felt responsible and attended the meeting (with a cane in hand).  Yes, another example of the resolve to do what is needed; pushing on when others may give up.

There is nothing that can or will keep you from reaching the highest heights; if you learn to stay the course.  Those who succeed do so by pushing through when others quit.  If they only knew they were 99% there.  They wouldn’t have given up; they shouldn’t have given up.  NEVER GIVE UP. You are almost there.


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2 Responses to Keep going; you are almost there!

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you for this amazing story! With faith, hope and the tenacity to stick with our goals it may not always get us exactly where we wanted to go but WE WILL PROGRESS towards something better than we had. What I am trying to say is if we do not give up we can still end up in a better place than we were before. And yes, right when things seem the hardest is also the time in which we are closest to success (reminds me of childbirth!). We could even use the old saying; When a door closes God will open a window.

  2. Patricia H. Atkinson says:

    Jaren, what a truly inspirational story. My mom use to always tell us kids….”Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday….and all is well” I have found in my life that if you stick with something that seems to be impossible to achieve and don’t give up….you can turn around and look back and see how things worked for your good when you didn’t give in to discouragement. I am going through things in my life right now that seem to big almost to overcome…but your words hit me like a bolt of lightning…..and I know now that I will not give up! I will keep on trying and I shall succeed! Thank you my friend.

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