Yes, I am an addict!

It is my understanding one of the first steps to recovery is admitting addiction.  Well, I am an addict, and I have been for about eight years now.  I can’t say the end of my addiction was brought on by anything I have done; Fox ended my vice last night, and 24 is over!

Yes, I have rearranged meetings, put off doing chores, and even calculated how I could be near a television on Monday nights.  Is it true it’s over?  Wow, now what… Well, my wife certainly is out high-fiving all those she meets today.  She could never understand how it captivated me as it did.  I guess I don’t know either haha

Here is a, “shout out” for the Fox channel and all who had a part in the final night.  Why, you may ask?  The ending proved a valuable moral point; what is right is right.  If you hold to your principles, and persevere to the end, eventually, the truth will prevail.

My daughter was writing an essay on hypocrisy the other day.  While accumulating ideas, she asked me a couple of things to help clarify her thoughts.  In her innocence, she could not find why someone would act, do, or say anything contrary to their feelings, beliefs, or morals.

I shared with her some recent facts I learned in my current leadership role.  An individual admitted they are a chameleon.  While I knew this, it amazed me they both admitted it and felt it was okay.  I told her this individual acts one way in certain groups and is entirely different around others.  They have one goal or wish; to be popular, have power, or be persuasive.  For this person, these desires come at the expense of having character; they peruse tirelessly the thought of “Winning friends and influencing people.”

My daughter was amazed; she commented, “Are you serious?  Daddy, that is so sad. How would they keep up with their lies and deception?”  My response was they can’t, and eventually, the light shines bright on who they are and why they act as they do.

Not wanting to stand on my high horse but wanting to share personal experiences, I shared with her the following.  In my life, when I made what I felt was the right (sometimes unpopular) decision; it was the appropriate thing to do.  Some of these choices have come at a high cost in popularity or personal gain; at the time. I assured her there will be times the path chosen will quickly resolve itself and others that will occur over years, but in every circumstance, the decision will prove invaluable.

As a father, I know she will live a life full of self-satisfaction by following this simple truth.  Oddly enough, as a default/unsolicited, she will be wildly popular, more successful, and reach the highest heights through these simple yet profound actions.

Jack Bauer, for me, held to what was right; his honor.  He, as a result, nearly lost his life through the efforts of “friends.”  He held to what they knew was right at nearly all costs.  In the end, his courage allowed many to sense the inner satisfaction gained when truth prevails.  Those around him who were out for personal gain, popularity, or power lost everything.  He, on the other hand, gained the greatest gift; authenticity.  His only requirement was to remain true to his convictions.

Hold onto what you sense is right, regardless of the outcome.  Thank you, Fox, for giving my addiction a positive ending.  Thanks to my daughter for letting the teacher be taught.


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