Wait, I did feel that

Tomorrow is memorial day; many loved ones are on my mind; my father, my sister-in-law, and most recently, my uncle; to name a few.  I believe our loved ones, who pass on before us, can help us in our mortal life.  They are angels watching over us!!!

Here is my story, which I hope helps us realize they are here; when we need them or others.

When I was young, I had an uncle who enjoyed golfing with his wife, my aunt.  They on occasion, would ask my brother and me to join them.  I remember wanting to drive the golf cart on these outings more than anything.  When any of us would hit a stray ball, I would jump in, willing to go in search of our lost treasure.  It was a chance to venture off the trail in the cart.

My uncle had a neat storage device that contained cold drinks.  After a few holes, he would break it out, and we would sit for a minute talking about life.  These adventures were always fun, and now that I reflect back, I realize it was the start of witnessing two people madly in love.

My aunt sang in a very popular choir and had a very welcoming spirit about her.  She and my Uncle were soul mates; both thought similar thoughts and mirrored each other’s actions.  In everything we did as a family, these two (my aunt and uncle) would be together, often holding hands.

My aunt passed away at an early age; this devastated my uncle.  When anyone loses a spouse or significant other, it always seems to me as though the pain is nearly insurmountable, yet through miracles, they survive.  It was a little different for my uncle; he lost his will to live through his loss.

He was always so inviting when we would visit him after her death.  I loved taking my family to see him or to see him alone when I was in his neighborhood.  I would talk with him about the old times; every conversation defaulted to family and my aunt.  He loved those of us here in mortality but couldn’t wait to pass and be with his wife again.

Later, my father passed away; my uncle knew how difficult this was for me.  During our visits, he told me about times when he and my dad were young.  We ended every meeting with my uncle telling me that he would tell my father what I was up to when he got to the other side.

I believe in Guardian Angels and would respond by telling him, my dad knows; he is watching out for me.  I then suggested that if he passed that, he, too, would be responsible for looking out for me.

One day my brother was in town, and we were headed together to a resort community.  I felt we should stop to see our uncle on our way out.  As in our normal life, times are moving quickly, and we seem to be running here and there.  My uncle’s home was out of the way, so we both thought it would be easier to visit him on the way home in a couple of days.

As we were approaching the turn-off that would take us to my uncle’s, I distinctly recall the thought, “Turn, it won’t take long.”  I didn’t. I felt as we drove by the visit would be so long that we would miss our obligation.  As we drove up the mountain, I thought, “We really must see him; we will in a few days on our return.”

That next morning I received a call from my cousin telling me his father had passed away.  My heart sank. I then knew the impression of seeing my Uncle the day before was more than a simple thought.

I will never know what, if anything, could have come from our seeing my uncle that day.  I know what my heart told me, and I let time get in the way.  I believe someone was prompting me to be at my uncle’s side if for nothing more than one more visit together.

I will see him again; he is now an angel watching over me as he committed to do.  I don’t want to miss out on simple courses in life directed by love.  I may not always sense when the feelings I have are important.  I know when I am sensitive to these thoughts and follow my inner compass. Things go better.

What is important here is to know no matter what we call our guidance system when we learn to follow it, we will be there when needed.  We are not perfect; I am far from it.  These moments of greater understanding do, in fact, aid me in my shortfalls.  My hope is that when I am touched by impressions, I will be in a state of mind to follow.

When I have needed the love of another, they, too, perhaps, were in tune with my need by following their compass.  Were their thoughts aided by my guardian angels?  I hope so.


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2 Responses to Wait, I did feel that

  1. brentpdavis says:


    It is difficult to find the words as a simple thank you seems so inadequate. But, none-the-less, I find those words coming to my mind as I write this comment to your beautiful post.
    I find that you words, being very appropriate for the holiday have touched my heart with memories of indeed how much my dad loved my mom and likewise, how much she loved him.
    They were indeed best friends and spent every moment together possible. Always holding hands, sharing a laugh…

    You must have indeed been following your inner compass when you write this, as I most definitely needed to read these words. It has helped me recall the good times when they were alive and when we all could be together as a family. Being an only kid, I miss my mom and dad so much – but knowing that I have you in my life, even if I look up to you more as an older brother than my cousin, sure helps fill the void.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Teresa says:

    Yes Jaren, at times it may be that WE are who may be in need of a lesson and thus we will have the promptings. Regarding my eighty year old friends, who am I to think that I am the one setting aside “a block of time” for THEM? Maybe THEY are setting aside time for ME either knowingly or not – only God knows the best way to prepare us for learning the lessons of life! I enjoy spending time with them – hearing about life way back then – as their lives’ have spanned many generations. (They both still drive and are living life to the fullest now as well – even though they are getting a little afraid to drive.)
    I appreciate your sharing such a precious experience and the things which you have learned regarding the “Guardian Angels” in your life. I have had similar experiences which only solidfies to me the presense of surrounding angels. In many instances I had the timely promptings to protect my children from specific harm. The best thing for me to do is to learn to pay attention and listen better. I stop what I am doing and contemplate for a moment my priorities before acting on anything. My ultimate decision is also faith based and things usually turn out better.
    Thank you for your insight and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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