A "prostitute?" Now that is truly embarrassing

Karen and I were eating the other night at a casual dinner.  A small bar was next to our table, with a few people enjoying the small talk.  It was evident to Karen and me that one of the men was interested in one of the ladies seated a few seats away.

As we watched the group, we bet on whether or not this guy would ask one of the ladies out.  He was obviously shy yet held back with no evidence that he was in hot pursuit.  I bet he would cheer for the guy; Karen’s that he was entirely too introverted.

We were nearly finished with dinner when he got up to make a move.  I was cheering him on, hoping his trepidation wouldn’t overtake him as he approached the peak of his fear.  In his nervous approach, he asked, “Can I sit here and visit with you?” pointing to the seat beside her.

She must have known he was going to ask and yelled, so everyone in the restaurant could hear, “No, I will not sleep with you!”

Karen and I about fell off our chairs; we knew what he asked, and that was not it.  I started to get up, with Karen holding me back.  “Let it be. Not any of your business,” she commented.  With his head held low, this shy fellow began to walk out of the restaurant.

The lady then got out of her chair and followed him, saying,  I am sorry if I embarrassed you.  I am writing a paper on “How people react in embarrassing moments at school.”

To Karen and my amazement, he turned around and yelled, “Two hundred dollars, are you kidding me?” and then walked out of the restaurant.

I wanted to chest bump this guy, but he was gone.  Power in the astuteness of the shy!!!

(This is only a phunny story I made up from remembering an old joke)


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  1. Tim Lund says:

    That made me laugh!

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