An Angel landed on my step!

The world is full of beautiful, wonderful angels which show up in our lives, making our days a little brighter.  One (Chris Bangerter) appeared in my life just yesterday.  She called for no reason other than to thank me for participating in her life.  What I hope she took from our call is that it is she who has given, and I am the recipient.

Her graciousness in initiating the call will never be forgotten.

I, like you, enjoy times when I sit and ponder the wonderful people in my life.  I am reminded of how these individuals have enhanced my well-being, made my joy more significant, my load easier to carry, and my experiences truly meaningful.  I then quickly realized that my existence would be significantly changed without them.

With these inner thoughts, my mind easily recognizes the importance of valued relationships.  My knowledge is magnified; my ability to grow and improve is limited to participation with others.  My hope is that I have given at least something equal to what I receive.

The message delivered beat me to the punch, leaving me embarrassed I wasn’t the first to react.  You see, this angel has given more than she has received.  She has always lived in the spirit of giving.

I can’t imagine living without the experiences so often shared by significant people willing to share.  I know we live in abundance.  I have perfect knowledge of what they are receiving due to their generosity.  Let me, however, have the ability to communicate my feelings of gratitude; for I know how it makes me feel.

Don’t let another day, minute, or second go by where I am not expressing openly and willingly my deep appreciation of those participating in my life openly and willingly.  Whether it be a perfect stranger offering help or a lifelong friend who has assisted tirelessly, it doesn’t matter.

To each of you who have been in my life, whether for a moment or for a lifetime, I thank you for the meaning you have brought into my life!


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  1. cssnyder says:

    Jaren~ I really enjoyed reading this. I have always tried to be the kind of person to make a difference..I truly believe that in serving others unselfishly you only better yourself. I have made some truly amazing friendships that started out with me thinking “what can I do to lighten the load in that persons day”.. and in the end, it is they who bless my life. I learn so much from others, and enjoy every opportunity that I am given to be in the position to help out because not only does it help those I am helping but I always walk away with them close to my heart and that is a blessing to me 😉 Jaren, you are such a nice person and I have been blessed to know you and hope that life continues to bless you with those special moments with family, friends or just a passing stranger 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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