No "do overs."

Life presents itself with hills and valleys, ups and downs, or highs and lows.  Science learns about historical events in specific areas by examining tree rings.  On living trees, for example, a core is taken and reviewed by experts.  They then can determine the years of plenty or years of great stress.

With this approach, science finds what has built the character of the tree.  Knowledge is obtained proving the tree needed storms (challenges), calm (resting), and bounty (success’) to gain strength.  It is only through a varied life of difficulty (trials) and abundance (blessings) that a tree can, in fact, withstand nearly any challenge it is presented with.  Too, it is through this growth that good times are deeply felt, knowing the foundation is being built.

Trees that are farm grown with either prop that holds them up or assistance ensuring there is never a need can barely endure any difficulty presented as they grow.  Constant lives of sameness, with no challenges, prove detrimental and even fatal.  It may seem appropriate or desired, but experience shows protection from adversity strips moral fiber.  When life presents difficulty, there is nothing there to sustain them.

We all have had trials. Some may suggest more today than in recent history.  I suggest that if you were granted an opportunity to have a “do-over.”  Going back in life to remove the difficulty and could then see the life lessons that would be lost. As a result, we would gladly take the trials or see them as blessings.

Some of our greatest joy, deepest learning, and foundation of faith has come by enduring these life lessons.  Don’t find yourself misunderstanding the value of experience; it builds your character.  Don’t take from yourself the need for trials; they both sustain you and bring fulfillment.

Your trials may seem at the time they are lived to be insurmountable.  Know they aren’t and that they are times you would never give up if you understood what lies ahead.


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One Response to No "do overs."

  1. Cami says:

    Totally agree Jaren!! Our trials make us stronger if we let them and as you say help to build our character. A lot of our trials are not easy ones to endure through, but if we keep our faith and face them head on then learn from what we are going through, eventually the sun will come out again. It does not serve any purpose to wallow in our troubles and let them eat us alive, this will only bring us down and create more problems for ourselves and possibly to those around us.

    I love what you said J about “some of our greatest joy, our deepest learning and foundation of faith have come from enduring these life lessons” Sometimes bad things happen to good people but we don’t have to let them take us down..

    I for one would not like a “do over”, some of my trials have been down right tough but in the end have made me who I am and I am thankful for all my blessing that have come out of my trials and continue to bless me and my family still. I am not saying it is easy because when you are in the middle of what might be a crisis in your life sometimes the furthest thing from your mind is saying “what am I supposed to be grateful for with this trial” sometimes you need to get through it first…have some faith things will turn out okay and sometimes they don’t, but that is okay too because there are still lessons to be learned, gratitude for getting through it and believe it or not, many blessings to be thankful for : )

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