A snow flake is only fragile alone!

During the winters in Utah we are blessed to see some of the most beautiful snow on earth.  As youth (and even as adults) we find ourselves running around, looking skyward with mouths open, attempting to catch the largest, slowest moving, snow flakes falling to the ground.

They are large, fluffy, and move back and forth through the sky like a feather falling from a high flying bird.  It takes some skill to navigate the ground, scurrying around unaware of where you walking.  Some flakes hit various parts of your face as they are missed and are quickly melted with the warmth of the skin.  Those which are caught give your mouth a fun surprise; it is as if you are eating a snow cone one tiny ice crystal at a time.

It too is fun catching these same flakes in your hand, on your glove, with palms facing skyward.  The contest is to find the largest flake ever seen.  As these flakes fall softly into your hand and rest peacefully, expressing their individuality.  You see there aren’t any two snow flakes exactly the same.  They are brilliant in color, reflecting the daylight sky as mini rainbows throwing off prisms of light.

Snow flakes are fragile; they are rain drops frozen into crystals with perfect symmetry of hair thin extensions of ice.  Falling through the air in perfect temperature, uninterrupted, they could float forever.  A single flake barely weighs a thing and is easily lost without the protection of a knowing handler.

After the snow collects on the ground, it amasses into a united force which is nearly unstoppable.  Think of the power contained in the combined efforts of these tiny flakes.  A skier, snowmobiler, and even large snow cats can navigate across the top of deep snow as these flakes collectively hold their position.

When Mother Nature moves these flakes collectively, falling as an avalanche, there is little that won’t be moved by the strength and power of the amassed snow.  Forests are leveled and canyons created as the united efforts of these single flakes work together.

Alone, you may feel your individual abilities might not change the world, or that your dreams are out of reach.  Remember the force of unity.  Yes, a snow flake is fragile by itself; but when it sticks with friends; nothing can stop it.  Surround yourself with others who will stand by you and lift you up!


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