Anyone who is a someone was a no one at one time!

If you are similar to me, you marvel at the tremendous accomplishments of our fellow beings.  Much of our daily entertainment is filled with wonder as we watch others perform, typically near the height of their careers.  To reach the level of attracting an audience, or earning our respect; the person or group typically has studied/practiced for hours, months, and even years.

Think of the last time you observed something with awe, was it witnessing a moving speech, listening to an artist while attending a concert, enjoying spectator sports, reading about a significant discovery, hearing about undaunted courage, or observing the love of a mother?  Could it have been an even simpler fascination as in wonderment as to why someone remains optimistic despite roadblocks?

I have, often our next feelings after witnessing something great is the generation of our personal desire to do something similar in life.  We get excited, readying ourselves to begin, and find quickly that our capabilities are far from equal to what we felt we could do.  What is done at this time in life is what makes all the difference; it is where those who do are born from those who watch.

You see we don’t observe these individual’s who have succeeded in the beginning of their journey.  Just like ours,  their first days of attempting were met with some failures, even looking stupid, but they got up again; never quitting.  We don’t see the incremental steps that are necessary in building an individual’s faith in themselves.  How many of us are aware that top performers also worry about their abilities and performance; even at the height of success?

For us to reach our greatest potential, and become greater than anyone we have ever witnessed, there is only one simple ingredient needed; belief in ourselves!  All whom we acknowledge as high achievers are just people like you and I.  They get up and put on their pants one leg at a time.

Just like anything in nature, methodical growth builds toward amazing achievements.  Use times in your life when personal desires are created in your heart, to be the foundation of your greatness.  Start from the beginning, everyone does, improve just a little everyday, and have a better ending than you ever dreamed of.


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