Wanna go fishing?

Some highly successful business men decided their lives’ had been a little too hectic, so they decided to plan a trip into the deep blue waters of the Caribbean.   They wanted to get away from ever ringing phones, endless emails, texts asking to “call me,” and constant desires to stay on top of the latest news.

We must choose a place where there is no technology for communication, one exclaimed.  Another in agreement said, “Can we really do that?”  You see their competitive spirits had taken them away from the basics of what each of them enjoyed about life, but the challenge for success overruled their sense of self.

A member of the group knew a person who owned a small beach house on an island, with little to no modern conveniences suggesting that he would see when it could be used.  The home was available, reserved, and flights were scheduled.  The owner of this getaway knew these men and commented, “I know your lifestyles, don’t get upset with me that there isn’t anything you are use too anywhere on the island!”

The time came for the trip and they all boarded the plane for a week away together.  Each was nervous about being gone and had given ways they could be contacted if needed.  On arriving to the beach house their thoughts were, “He is right, we are on a deserted island, but it is outrageously beautiful here.”

They had fun together, defaulting to doing things they each had enjoyed before life got so busy.  One day they all decided to go out on a small fishing boat with a local fisherman to get a taste of life on the island.  The fisherman was a 45 year old who had grown up in a fast paced life similar to his guests, but enjoyed the simple life of living off the land.

While out fishing they caught at will some of the best tasting fish any of these men had ever eaten.  At dinner that night one of the men suggested to their fisherman friend, “You should start a fishing business.”  Why remarked the fisherman, swallowing and enjoying his catch of the day.  For one, you could make a great living doing it. For what he asked?  Let me give you an idea on how to take what today is simply catching enough to eat, to later having a business which will bring in all the cash you will ever need.

Today you go out fishing and bring in only enough for your needs. Tomorrow catch a few extra fish to sell here on the beach.  With the money you raise you can buy a bigger boat so that you can bring in even more fish from your catch.  With sales you can eventually buy a second boat and hire out another crew.  Well that seems like a lot of work, and for what, asked the fisherman bewildered?

It is easy, there are no fish like what you have around this island anywhere else; you have something that will easily sell all across the world at high profit margins.  With the two boats you can buy more, and after you get the operation to the point of needing capital we can find investors for you to expand even further.  Shaking his head he explained again, I am still confused as to why.

Let me take you just a couple steps more into generating cash.  After you have the boats sufficient to catch all that is needed, we will set up a system so that you can own the processing, packaging, and distribution.  You will own the market!  We then will take your business public with you holding a majority position.

I get all that, my question is very simple, why?  With the stock you own you will receive “Mailbox money” and be able to live whatever lifestyle you want.  What the fisherman said next hit the entire group of businessmen square in the face.  Okay, after all that work, I can retire to a beach somewhere and fish every day?  Exactly! He blurted out as they all realized what he said, knowing he already had what he wanted, and perhaps what they wanted as well.

In the chase for money, fame, or power; don’t get confused on what is important, or what makes you happy.  Seek after your passions, do the things that enable you to be who you are, be found doing what you want to do.  You will be happier in the process, and you will probably make all the money you will ever need!



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  1. Greg Powell says:

    Dude that was so right on, just came home from a church meeting and after reading it it put me in a better mood, Thanks!
    Greg Powell

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