There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish if you only believe!

Aren’t we taught, you are what we think?  Or, all you need to do is believe?  While I have found both of these simple statements true, there is a little something I want to share for those of us who find it more difficult in developing the faith necessary to succeed than relying on a few words.

Life coaches, teachers, parents, and friends all have encouraged us at sometime to reach for greater heights, do a little more, or accomplish wild unbelievable things.  They can, from their perspective see more potential in us than we do in ourselves.  Their basis for belief in us comes from realizing our inner strengths and abilities often hidden from our view.

I witnessed a young animals birth and its immediate ability to walk.  I watched this miracle thinking to myself, “That young animal knew it could stand, and did.”  Newly born humans aren’t blessed with that capability, largely because it isn’t necessary.  We must have been thinking at times during our day, “Why is everyone upright and mobile while I lie here watching?”

Eventually we came around as the goal of our care takers was to see us take our first steps.  They tirelessly helped by suggesting different techniques for us to walk.  Our belief must have come from relying on the faith of those who were anxiously assisting us.  We at the time may have had a feeling we could walk but no knowledge, yet!

After we walked and eventually became better at it, we understood the ability was in us.  In using this simple example I want to illustrate that we don’t need knowledge of ability to accomplish, but faith.  As in anything we try, at first we aren’t sure to later gain confidence.

Here are my steps to succeeding in anything you desire and validating the statement “all you need to do is believe.”  To start, if you don’t have knowledge of your ability, or even the faith necessary, look to those who do.  These will be both outsiders who know you can do it, and people who have achieved what it is you want to do.

If you want to lose weight, look to a world full of people who have, knowing if others did, you can as well.  This is true of running faster, jumping higher, singing better, writing, creating, understanding, or anything you dream of.  Start thinking of yourself doing whatever it is you want, knowing others have already done it.

If observing others isn’t enough, look for those who believe both in your ability and that of doing whatever it is you want to do.

To some it is given to have knowledge, and to others the faith or belief in those who do.  It isn’t necessary for you to have knowledge at the time you are taking your first steps.  Have faith in both what you have seen others do and how others place faith in your ability.

Now for the fun, as you live you will begin to validate for yourself, “When you believe you achieve.”  With all the successes you have witnessed first hand your heart begins to see there are no limits to your potential.  Now with this as a foundation you can do things others have never done before.  It is no longer necessary for you to have seen others doing something for you to do it.

Life is full of first times in everything.  These best of class, or major accomplishments are occurring regularly for one reason only; someone believed!  They have moved their belief to knowledge, and their knowledge to belief.  I ask you, “What is it you can do?”  My answer, “Anything you want to, all you need to do is believe!


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