I am grateful…

For those of us who are fortunate, our paths are crossed by those who carry a spirit of gratitude in their life.  You know exactly who I am talking about, as they approach their light brightens and uplifts everyone they meet.  As you visit their attitude stimulates yours toward happiness and joy.  Then as you leave their spirit lingers as you contemplate the richness of your life’s blessings.

What is their secret?  Nothing really, gratitude is a state of mind achieved through focusing on the positive.  If ingratitude is considered a serious sin, then gratitude naturally takes an equal position among the noblest of virtues.  Gratitude simply stated is a feeling of appreciation, or an individual experiencing thankfulness for all that has been given.

I believe there are those who walk among us who have a natural orientation toward gratitude.  The rest of us aren’t left out, we need only to alter our minds ever so slightly, seeing all we have, then realizing how truly fortunate we are.  In doing so we will lift ourselves, lift others, and we will find we no longer hold a place for negativity.  Our hearts orient toward an “attitude of gratitude.”  This spirit builds on itself filling you with joy.  The abundance of life flows from you as you encounter others who are blessed by your observation of bounty.

People are happier when they are sensing gratitude in their heart.  It is nearly impossible to be resentful, mean-spirited or bitter while grateful.  Gratitude opens doors to opportunity as limitations are removed by realizing all that has been given.  You know you have value as others express appreciation of your existence in their life.  This is why we feel so good around those who are grateful.

I am who I am because of who you are around me.  To all who have so graciously given of themselves, thank you!  I appreciate your love and light.  My hope is that I am able to learn, experience and share; building on the light you have given me.  I am grateful 🙂


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