I see that you are a good person…

It isn’t very difficult for us to see the harm generated in the life of someone who places judgment on another. On the other hand, it is difficult for us to realize personally that we may doing the very same thing. Our minds are filled with rational and reasoning in an effort to find comfort in our prejudice.

If we are ever one who has been judged, we realize the inaccuracies used in making that judgment. Our minds are filled with, “Oh, if they only could see things from my perspective.” Since we can’t walk in the shoes of another, we have no right to act as if we have.

The negative effect of judgment does more harm to the critic than the judged. Sights are placed on opposing, rather than building. Outlook is directed toward finding fault which turns on itself. Those who demean turn on themselves subconsciously preventing personal progression.

By understanding each of us carry the burden of making decisions regretted later, or through knowledge this is how we learn and grow; we will see the good in making the attempt.  In order for us to progress toward our greatest potential, we must see the good in ourselves, which comes from seeing good in others.

Be aware that those who carry a little brighter smile, take a little quicker step, or have light surrounding themselves shedding willfully upon all they touch; are indeed seeing the good in all people.


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