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I have long wondered why close friends and family can see things so differently, yet have so much in common.  My best example is watching a rival football game with my brother-in-law who is rooting for the other team.

As we sit in the stands cheering our teams, a play develops requiring a call and judgement from an official.  I arise immediately to praise the insight of this ref who has seen the infraction as clearly as I did.  As I cheer with praise and gratitude, my brother-in-law stands ranting on how badly this individual missed the entire play and should be banned from officiating.

We saw the same play, one saw a violation of rules while the other could only see the significance of the athletic ability of his team.  My brother-in-law and I have nearly identical backgrounds and view many aspects of life similarly.  It is when we are clouded by the emotion of cheering for our team that we become disconnected from our commonality.

There are many times in life this disconnect has potential for raising its ugly head.  Today the political scene is a significant example.  I have a dear friend who roots for the other team.  It could be argued it would be indistinguishable to most who know us that we vote for different candidates.  When this friend and I talk about anything political; we nearly always come to an agreement on just about everything.

Recently, I have watched this friend assault “my team” for what has been transpiring in the news.  It appears as though he would want anyone who thinks as I do to leave the planet and never return.  I know him and know that he carries passion for his beliefs, yet I also know we are close to finding common ground; even on this issue.

The public outcry of stances on political beliefs locks down our ability to move forward in finding solutions to anything.  This scene while mild in our lives is magnified in our political system today causing our great nations growth to be stalled.  Neither side wants any kind of victory for the other team, and we are on the same team!

No, we aren’t exactly the same and that’s what makes us strong.  Yes, this thing we call freedom requires that we sometimes don’t get along, but we lose sight of who we are when we are locked in emotion.  We have come a long way, there is still quite some distance to travel together.  In concentrating on our differences; we lose sight of our similarities.  Lets not forget who we are…


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