What money can’t buy…


what money can't buyThe other day I was asked to share with a group, what I believed were my greatest accomplishments.  I will gladly acknowledge that I live with a grateful heart for what life has provided me, but these individual moments didn’t come to mind for me on this particular afternoon.

What came to mind as a flood of memories such as these: A vivid recollection of my son hitting a grand slam when his team was down by three points, last out in the ninth inning, two strikes and the championship/undefeated season on the line; my oldest daughter sharing with me that she had been accepted into a highly respected nursing school; my middle daughter jumping from her seat as she learned she had won the election for student body officer; and my youngest daughter’s elation when her team won the national cheerleading championship in Los Angeles, California.

Later, as I reflected personally, I thought of other meaningful events such as those Kim and I have shared: marriage, graduation, birth of our children, first home, time with family in Cambodia and many other special times.  I thought of the time my father and I shared our last conversation before he passed and many other family and friend occasions.

As I sit here writing this post, I reflect on the extraordinary feelings that come to the heart when we are in the service of another.  The joy that is felt is indescribable as you know.  Every moment life offers, when we can see another find satisfaction are those times that flood our minds as we reflect on our past, warming our hearts with inner joy.

I haven’t always been on the giving end of proving to someone in need.  I too can think of the times a helpful hand has been extended toward me in an effort to help when I longed for assistance.  Each of these experiences has left a mark on who I am today and given me a true understanding of love.

As we go about our life, wanting to make the best of who we are by using the talents we have been given.  Let us never forget, our lives are only truly satisfied when providing service to others.  We don’t learn, love or grow by fulfilling our own dreams.  If our fondest memories are those where we witness the joy of others; make more of them.

Happy Holidays



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