Life’s secret…


As a child veers at the billowing clouds traveling across the sky, they see a world offering random variations of characters ever changing.  One can easily see landscapes, seascapes and wild imaginary friends or creatures.  The youthful attitude toward this act of nature is one of intrigue and excitement.

A little later in life, these very same individuals fail to see the wonder in what is forming as it moves across the sky with the winds of change sombering through the currents carrying natures lifeline.

Then at some point, those exact clouds once sought after become demons of destruction often getting in the way of a good time.  Clouds now only bring storms interfering with life’s everyday plans.

How is it the same thing once beloved can change so dramatically or become unnoticed?  I suggest that clouds aren’t the only victim: love, friendship, trust, anticipation, surprise, fear and perhaps even life!

Let us refrain from losing our awareness of the beauty surrounding each of us as we grow, to abstain from the burden of unnecessary bias thought learned by experience and to keep an open mind to the creativity that unleashes new worlds for all of us.

Life is made just a slight bit better with the imagination of a child…


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