You’ re beautiful…

City---Cottonwood-HeightsAs I was walking out of the gym one morning wearing my headphones and listening to music, I fearlessly sang lyrics of the song playing which was “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt.  The song had reached the point where James sings you’re beautiful three times.

Just as I was finishing the third you’re beautiful, I had reached the check-in desk where a young woman was entering the gym and visiting with the receptionist.  I clearly was oblivious to my surroundings, engaged in my rendition of this song, when this young lady innocently turned and said; why thank you!

Being completely caught of guard, all I could do was say, you are welcome and each of you have a nice day.  As I walked on, I must have been completely red faced and stumbling over myself thinking of all the things these two could be saying about what I had just done.  You see, I know how badly I sing, no one on this planet would have thought I was doing anything but making a comment.

It wasn’t until the next day that I learned of the value of a compliment.  As I approached the check-in area, I noticed the same employee working as was on shift the day before.  She got a big smile on her face as I approached with me thinking here come the jokes.  When I stopped, she looked up and stated very sincerely, Jaren, you made that woman’s day with your compliment yesterday.

There I am in the very same spot as the day before, dumbfounded again with what was said believing there would have been a joke or two.  Really? I responded, why?  Well, evidently she had received a little different report from someone she loved and was really feeling down on herself.  When you were bold enough to compliment her being a perfect stranger, she lit up with encouragement.

Here is my take on this unusual encounter.  Let’s all be aware of the strength of our words.  Share positive thoughts and acknowledge greatness in those you see.  We often forget how much simple positive words of encouragement can mean.  They can turn a day around, alter the course of a life and even reflect back on us.  You see, my day was made that next morning with the words which were then shared with me.


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