The secret of living a life full of joy…

Love others.  Master an ability to deliver genuine affection knowing it is more important to love than to be loved.  Healthy people are looking for someone to love with tenderness of heart and sincerity of mind.  Nearly all emotional problems stem from individuals who are seeking adoration.  It is these people who are found manipulating in order to find friendship.  Don’t be found looking for love or falling into the trap of this false promise.  By extending yourself willingly to others you will be filled with the glow of never ending devotion.

Live with integrity.  Friendships require confidences which will be maintained with trust.  Know it is better to be trusted than loved.  Our happiness is dependent on our being completely honest with others.  The greatest compliment you can receive is to have integrity attributed to your character.

Have self-respect.  This suggests not only that you care but that you will not compromise your standards.  Take satisfaction in performing at a high level achieving goals that challenge.  Never be discouraged if mastery doesn’t come easily.  Striving earnestly will nearly always end in the fulfillment of desired outcomes.  When you are trying your best, others want to participate with you and will aid in your success.

Hold onto hope.  Clearly, there is more than enough discouragement flowing through this world everyday.  Each of us can play a part in seeing the good in all worthy endeavors.  Remember it is the rainy day that enables us to truly enjoy the sunshine.  When we are aware of the unmatched beauty surrounding us, others want to share in our ambitions.

Don’t be offended.  If we knew how little others thought about us, we wouldn’t spend time dreaming up what they may be thinking.  How often do we misunderstand or are we misunderstood?  Know it is human to error.  Brush off what gives the appearance of offense while attempting to never offend.  It is fun to be with those who aren’t carrying misguided judgement.

Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge.  Who among us doesn’t enjoy a little praise now and then?  Harry S Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”  Why not change this slightly by suggesting that we acknowledge others no matter how significant their contribution.  We all enjoy being around those who give us recognition.

Serve endlessly.  Selfish people put their needs above others.  If we are actively helping others, we don’t carry the capacity of being self serving.  It is natural for us to want to be in the center, yet if we allow others to occupy that space; we find ourselves there with them.  You will never find more satisfaction than to help another in their need.

Remember, if it’s easy, it isn’t worthwhile.  Taking a more difficult path in life will lead us to places we have only dreamt about.  Good luck on your journey…


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