The five traits that make “Happy” people happy…


As we take time to watch life interactions of those friends of our who are truly happy, I think there are a few traits they display that become fairly obvious. Perhaps one could argue these characteristics come naturally, however, I for one believe we all can build on these qualities and thus improve our wellbeing.

They participate in random acts of kindness—This is something happy people are unaware they do. The individual who is more interested in others needs has discovered heartfelt self-satisfaction. Simply remind yourself of how you felt when you lent a hand to another who wasn’t expecting it, or better yet, how you feel when you are on the receiving end of kindness. In both circumstances you discover an increased interest in repeating the act. If this isn’t natural for you today, simply begin with consciense acts until this inner voice reacts naturally everyday.

They always respond with gratitude—Some in life, often those who are richly blessed, lack appropriate appreciation of what they have. Happy people are grateful for all they posses, including what many may find “the simple things” in life. When we are thankful for basic gifts, everything around us grows in value. When you recognize life’s abundance, your willingness to give increases. When you are able to provide, you will never be without.

They don’t harbor negative feelings toward others—If we realized how detrimental carrying critical notions is on our wellbeing, we would be quick to learn how truly unfounded many of these actions are. We all enadverntatnly harm in someway, mainly because we are imperfect, yet we all desire forgiveness for these often blameless actions. How could we ever expect forgiveness if we aren’t ready to forgive? Understanding the innocents of others actions toward us increases our ability to excuse the behavior. Forgiveness opens doors to being forgiven. It is this peace of mind that brings us inner joy.

They are the ones who see the glass half full—If your heart sees the opportunity in everything, the world becomes a rich field of infinite possibility. Remind yourself how fun it is to be with those who carry the “can do spirit” in all they do! Life’s roadblocks are seen as moments of growth. Strength is gained from hardship which builds on our ability to create during our good times. It is difficult to be found lacking when our life’s path is taken in the proper frame of reference.

They don’t attempt to “keep up with the Joneses”—Each of us are given our own set of skills which collectively are the makeup of who we are. We all would be amused to learn that those who envy are envied… The old saying, the grass is greener on the other side, is one we need to fully understand. No one can be you, not a single soul. We enjoy specific traits that only we can benefit from. Looking at others is merely taking time away from our ability to develop ourselves. If no one can be you, then you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone but you! Only look to others for inspiration in bulding on what you alone enjoy…


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