The one thing that will change your life forever…

Untitled 2Envy may be the greatest cause of unhappiness that has ever plagued our society. It is a negative emotion that crops up as we sense personal deficiencies as measured against what we see as strengths in others. Our observations aren’t limited to qualities we see in others character, but include recognition of their achievements and scrutiny of their possessions.

Reflect on the time you spend anguishing when any level of misfortune occurs in your life. Aren’t these times of hardship enough for us to deal with in our daily lives, without adding the unjustified feelings of jealousy? Certainly, any second, minute, or day spent suffering over the good fortune of others added to our personal difficulties makes life nearly unbearable.

If having our heart set on others possessions, harboring ill feelings of comparison, or pulling our fellow being down doesn’t lift us up or improve our self-worth; why do we do it? I’m not really sure, but I do know we can reverse the trend.

If simply realizing how detrimental this emotion can be is the first step toward change, the second would be to use our recognition of others good qualities as motivation to improve ourselves. With our renewed positive energy, and heart felt joy; we can use our abundance to reflect positively on the lives of others.

Observe how truly happy people relish in the opportunity to rejoice in the success of others. These are the people we hold a special place for in our hearts, they are those who stand by us in times of good and bad, they are the ones who we would do anything for. They are the lucky ones in life who have eliminated the negativity of envy from their heart. This is you as you make this same realization….


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