24 traits of happiness…

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What if you never held a grudge, spoke well of others, and treated all you meet with kindness?

What if you didn’t sweat the small stuff, accepted the things that cannot be changed, and believed problems are simply unsolved challenges?

What if you held gratitude for all you possess, didn’t make excuses, and listened intently to what others have to say?

What if you held onto the hope of your dreams, choose your friends wisely, and fostered relevant relationships?

What if you awoke at the same time everyday, meditated frequently, ate well, and exercised regularly?

What if you were found immersed in the present, didn’t dwell on the past, and held no worries for your future?

What if you weren’t seeking the approval of others, avoided social comparisons, and lived your life free of excess?

What if you always told the truth?

And, what if you knew you were in control of your own destiny?

Well, for me I would say you are living life to the fullest.  You carry a smile on your face with a heart full of joy…


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