We are human


Have you ever looked around in amazement at the significance of our diversity?  As I take time to either people watch or reflect on those I know, I quickly realize that because of our differences; we are all better.  Think for a minute how boring it would be existing in a world where we were all the same…

It is through our differences we gain conviction for the path we have chosen, or may find a new route that more significantly aligns with our soul.  In the experiment of life we need to be continually valiant with our individual aspirations understanding we are each here for a reason; a significant one at that!  While we may doubt or get discouraged, our purpose in life is crucial to everyone.  Limiting ourselves to “fit” in will limit our collective growth.

Remember, we are all human, none of us are perfect, we each make mistakes, we stumble, we fall, and we often get hurt.  We must keep on trying; it is who we are meant to be.  When we grow we are alive, when we are alive we make a difference, when we make a difference we increase our gratitude for the opportunity of living…


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