Enduring to the End…


I am reminded of the story of a man who after having spent his life savings searching for gold, gave up; just as he was within inches of having hit the mother load. Many in life put in the effort needed to break through barriers never believed possible to find the last few steps were the most difficult to take. Those who are fortunate to have broken through roadblock after roadblock are equipped to assist those on similar life paths.

What does enduring the to end mean to you? Many may suggest it is accomplishing a desired goal, reaching the pinnacle of life choices, or even fulfilling a task believed to be nearly impossible at one time. These certainly are examples of endurance, of belief, and an expression of unusual ability; however…

Not all endurance tests are that of notable achievement. Some examples may simply be finding the hope for a better day. There are those among us who are passing through physical, mental, and emotional trials. Examples may be suffering from the loss of a loved one, loss of income or financial ability, and perhaps physical harm caused by an accident.

These trials push those inflicted into a mindset where they begin asking themselves, Why is this happening to me? They are fading ever so slightly into feelings of deeper and deeper despair, searching for that glimmer of hope. They cry out wondering if they can survive the on slot of trouble.

You may have stood at the side of someone on the verge of giving up, losing faith, or feeling there is no hope on the horizon. This may have been you at one time; it may be you now. For those of us who have had these feelings of deep despair; we know what is needed. It is nothing more than an extended hand from anyone who cares. Many fear approaching those in need thinking they don’t have the skills needed to help. Nothing could be further from the truth. All that is truly desired by someone in need is knowledge that someone cares. Words and actions will follow a willing heart.

All that is lacking by someone suffering is faith in a brighter tomorrow. This doesn’t need to be anything more than a particle of faith. Faith is the beginning of healing no matter the size. A twig of faith will begin to build, and it will grow naturally upon itself. Curing doesn’t always happen automatically or through the passage of time, it begins with the ignition of optimism. If the power of faith isn’t embedded in our hearts, we will not endure, we cannot endure. As faith increases our most difficult trials become manageable.

My suggestion is that we actively become aware of those who may by longing for our love. When they are found, don’t hesitate to assist no matter how inadequate you may feel at the time.

Many of us believe God’s love is never ending; we just may not see it clearly at times. This is why our Creator engages angels to stand on our left and on our right. Angels don’t need to be Heavenly; they are each one of us as we act from the spirit guiding us.

I have had angels assist me. They came at my darkest moment. They were those who acted on their innermost feelings. Don’t let someone in need carry unnecessary feelings of despair when it is you and I who can light the fire of faith, give hope, and begin to correct the course when belief seems lost.

Don’t let someone give in just as things were about to turn around. Enduring to the end is aided by simple intervention stimulating the light of hope…


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