What are some things you may be doing that prevent your happiness?



We live in a world where many, if not all of us seek to be right in some regard or another.  It well may be in our culture.  It may even be a part of our entire human existence; who knows?  I wish for us to take a minute and think about those in our lives who are always right.  Is there any one of us who can always be right?  If not, why are there those of us who try?

We are well aware of the frustration we feel in being around who we may well be ourselves.  To change this, let me make an observation.  If our desire is to learn, to become better, and to grow in our life’s experiences; how can we possibly learn from ourselves?  Those who have the greatest wisdom, who are beloved, and who are known to be kind are those who express genuine interest in what others know.

As we listen (learn), we must understand the importance of removing biases from our mind.  Our greatest evidence of being ignorant is when we reject something we know nothing about.  Certainly it isn’t wise to accept every idea or thought that is presented to us, but placing our prejudice on the concept being presented before we listen closes our opportunity to master that for which we desire.

Those who are right may be needing to be in control.  Think for a minute of a time you felt someone was attempting to take control over you.  What happens?  If you are like me, you shut down such that the person taking control actually loses control.  Am I right?  By letting go (not needing to be right and listening), all we want gets done.  The world is won by those who are able to let it go.  If you try, try, try; the world can’t be won…


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