You raise me up…

Is it me, or do you also find deeper understand in life events as you grow older?  While not perfected, and perhaps never to be; I certainly feel better equipped now than in any time of life to feel of things possibly lost in the past.  Simple life lessons literally flew by me as if I were standing still in my earlier years.  Could it have been I was more self-centered, careless, or was it that I was merely blind to opportunity?  I am not really sure…

Perhaps in our youth as we push through life seeking ideals, we reach for stars believing we are headed forward with purpose; later to learn we were oblivious to the beauty that surrounded our everyday.  The needs of others may have touched our hearts on occasion, yet it wasn’t common and certainly not for sustained periods of time.  We looked at life through rose colored glasses, finding role models and/or examples of what we wanted to be, perhaps noting subconsciously how great life will be when…

Along the road we ran into detours and found bumps on our path which we never fully understood or anticipated.  It isn’t uncommon for a young mind to carry feelings of unfairness associated trials as it is perceived that they didn’t occur for others who sought similar ideals.  Our attention is innocently distracted from the knowledge of how all people everywhere are in need of something no matter their station in life.

Today at the gym I was touched while listening to the lyrics sung by the Celtic Woman in the song, You raise me up.

The part where I felt the greatest inspiration came as I heard, There is no life- no life without its hunger; Each restless heart beats so imperfectly…  This song was written and performed for the first time as a son’s tribute to his mother which he performed during her funeral.

I became intensely aware of the reality of this simple fact: no one is without some sort of hunger...  Everyone is in need of something no matter how insignificant it may appear.  We have learned to move through life concentrating on good, looking for positive, and finding satisfaction in the moment, yet there isn’t a soul who wouldn’t be a little happier by our loving touch, a word of encouragement, or acknowledgement that we matter.  Here is an example: A mother’s worry for the welfare of her children is endless, even though there may be no real need at any given time her heart is in search of providing children tender mercies whenever possible.  There are countless examples we could all share.  Need touches every living soul.  Wealthy-poor, healthy-sick, old-young, active-complacent, happy-sad, you name it; there is a need.

Age teaches us that when we shift from worrying about ourselves toward the welfare of others; our needs are miraculously taken care of.  An empty bucket of opportunity is filled with abilities never dreamt of.  Each soul we enable frees within us endless potential of even greater abundance.  When we raise another, we are naturally lifted ourselves.  It is as if we are caught in a whirl wind of upward movement.  Nothing can compare to the satisfaction felt deep within ones soul as they continually rise to greater heights picking up momentum along the way.

While Lovland’s lyric’s were written as an expression of gratitude toward his mother, we can be mindful everyone is in need and anyone can help.  Whether you are the one feeling down and weary, waiting for the “lift” gained from a caring soul, or lucky enough to be able to give, remember this:  As you raise another to stand on mountains, or walk on stormy seas, you too are there at their side learning and growing with them.  Your life will forever be changed simply by delivering nothing more than a loving touch, a word of encouragement, or an acknowledgement they matter to you…


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